Saturday, November 21, 2009

How great our . . .

Joy, joy, joy!!! (Are you singing along yet?) ;o)
These were originally going to be "joy pillows" an idea I saw here where you have three star shaped pillows and affix a letter to each to spell "joy." But after I got going on this project I decided I wasn't really in the mood to stuff the appendages of a star--times three. Then I thought I could just fit all three together in an 8x10 frame. But the letters didn't fit. Which brought me to my final solution, individual 5x7 frames, which serendipitously I just had laying around from an uncompleted project of long ago. In fact, this whole project was FREE (aside from the $0.35 I had to spend on more black embroidery floss) because I had scraps/leftovers from other projects. I used another font I got online called "leaf" (hence the leaves). ;o) And while this project is a fabric/sewing project I'm thinking there are tons of ways you could recreate it in other mediums, like paper, or get three little chalkboards and write the letter on with chalk . . . Possibilities are, as always, endless. (Although an ornery husband could have fun with the chalkboard idea and might keep you on your toes changing out letters on you.) ;o) Another shelf in my hutch is complete. Now to finish up the third and this area will be officially decorated. ;o)

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