Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Finishes~11/27

ummm, "me" ;o)
Unfortunately, nobody notified the resident baby. I don't want to whine and complain, because as my sister and I were discussing yesterday, the last month or two of pregnancy gets kind of rough, no matter who you are. Rather uncomfortable, you know? But I do have this to say, this is the most uncomfortable I have ever been at the end . . . It causes me to wonder how on earth the Dug.gar lady has done it 16, 17, or however many times. But moving on . . .
Jackson has "finished" his use of a toddler bed, Emmett the crib. They are doing great! Getting a new bunk bed set up proved to be quite a project, bed, mattresses, cut some plywood for "bunky boards", mattress protection, sheets, comforters . . . It took awhile to acquire everything. I had grand plans to sew up some homespun quilts for the boys, but here's the reality: 1. It would take more time than I have right now 2. Within a week or two of use somebody would have markered them, or cut them, or ?? So, in the end, a "Wal.mart bed-in-a-bag" proved to be the perfect choice. ;o) Still have some other boys' room projects to finish, but I'm getting there.
A stocking for the newest little man! So impressed with myself that it's finished and hanging--before he has even arrived, when Emmett just finally got his stocking last Christmas . . . ;o)

And my shutter "picture thing"--I had originally planned it for a different spot and was going to hang it horizontally, but this worked out better. For now I have stuck the pictures on with scotch tape, I may look into getting some more small clothespins, or maybe there is something else out there that would look neat.

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Anna said...

The picture holder turned out GORGEOUS!! And I love the pretty stocking, and the bunk bed looks great too!! So glad things are coming together for you!! ..and hope the midwife appt goes well today. Keep us updated! :)