Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Finishes~11/20

I didn't get as many of my projects done as I had hoped, there are a few things nearing completion, but not ready for a "grand reveal" yet. I did however get lots of other little things done, like the boys' bunk bed is set to arrive on Tuesday, all the bedding is bought, the kids' "Christmas Eve outfits" (to which Josh rolls his eyes at my weirdness) all ready (except some black shoes for Marissa, can't find her size in anything I like yet). I pulled out a suitcase to have ready for hospital packing . . . all those little things that must be done . . . I'm getting there. I had a nice day to myself yesterday, more of an errand day, but even those can feel like mini-vacations when all by your lonesome. ;o) I also had my midwife appt. and discovered that my iron is pretty low. Which explains the intense need for ice and a few other things--coldness, breathlessness, heart palpitations . . . A lovely "aha" moment. ;o) So, I've dutifully begun taking some iron supplements and that should help bring my energy levels up. I also bought myself some popsicles in hopes of not continually running to the freezer for ice cubes. It's not really working. Although I figure, while my teeth may not like me, ice cravings are probably better for me than ice CREAM cravings. ;o)

So anyway, my "finishes" a new Christmas sign--found the font "Christmas Card" on "dafont" and then I experimented with a light mist of spray adhesive and glitter. Not sure if you can really see that or not. I hung it above the piano, and like all my signs, I'm not the best at lettering, but it'll do, and it saves me lots of money.
And then my little "Christmas Countdown" garland. I found the mini paper sacks at as well as the clothespins, then I just printed out the numbers on red cardstock, glued them on and we're ready to go. (This is my kitchen bulletin board by the way, cleared of all it's miscellany to make way for the Christmas cards and pictures.)
And we also "finished" France and celebrated with some French cooking. Now to be perfectly honest I'm not sure how "French" it was--a "Quiche Lorraine" with a frozen pie crust from Wal.mart and "REAL" bacon pieces probably isn't exactly what France is serving up. As well as "Brioche au Chocolat" made from refrigerated crescent rolls and some chocolate chips. I'm thinking Julia Child might be horrified. ;o) However, it was still tasty and the girls declared that if they lived in France they would love every single meal they ate. I'm sure.
Tomorrow will find me cleaning, and sewing, oh! and baking too--forgot about our Sunday night bake sale!! And I'll officially be one month from my due date! Can you believe it?


Kathy said...

Can I just say that I stalk your blog waiting for updates! I love to come read what you're up to! :)

Smiled at your France 'celebration' and all the goodies that went with it! Looks great to me! Better than what we did---McD's drive thru with FRENCH fries. Hey, that counts, right???

Glad you found out about your iron and hope that you'll get some bursts of energy once your levels go back up--the ice craving is related to that? It's fun to see all your Christmas touches and the hand lettered sign is great! Will you please stop posting all these great ideas now---my 'to do' list is growing thanks to you. ;)

Can't believe you're a month away from Baby Owen! Always liked that last month of nervous anticipation and knowing that soon I would be able to see my toes and sleep on my tummy! :)

Janna said...

Ha Kathy--just wait, come January my updates will be something like "I showered today."

Yes, french fries count. ;o)

And oddly enough, ice cravings are one of the first signs of low iron. I would have to say I've craved it to some degree with all my pregnancies, I think only two other times have I had the low iron to go with it. But I must admit to never being quite so passionate about ice as I am right now. ;o)