Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Finishes~11/13

I saw this idea somewhere else, a goal of a "Friday Finish" where current projects get finished up for "show and tell" on Friday. It's always nice to have a deadline, even if a self-imposed one (I tend to start a number of things at the same time and then have projects scattered everywhere). So, here's what got focused on this week:
New Pillows--2 red homespun ones for the "craigs.list chairs", a wool/homespun candy cane pillow to put somewhere for Christmas, and a tiny little wool star--that desperately needs a little rusty jingle bell in the center--to tuck somewhere.
I have a few things that are "distressed pine" and we've had them since we first got married. They have taken a beaten, but they are tough pieces. However my coffee table was looking pretty pitiful. It's seen many meals upon it, late night snacks, kool-aid spills, marker stains, and even served as a cat's scratching post. I was debating sanding everything down and trying to restain. And then I decided I still had more black paint. ;o) If it didn't work I wasn't out of too much.
End table before:
End table after:
Coffee table before:
Coffee table after:
Now the top of my coffee table has a lot of "distressed gouges." I did try to sand it down, but honestly I would have needed a planer to get that thing smooth. So, it remains an imperfect piece, but definitely "good enough" for the current state of my household. ;o) And I like how the black looks with all the cranberry colored furniture I have right now. It looks much better than the pine.

But now I'm eyeballing this:
The lone piece of distressed pine remaining. Dare I? I still kind of like it as is, but I also think it would look pretty awesome black. It would be a very big project, and because it houses the tv would also require painting the inside. Hmmmmm. Something to mull over. But I am FINALLY running a bit low on black paint. I'd for sure need another gallon for this big boy. ;o)


Kathy said...

You amaze me! Gotta love what black paint can do! :)

Anna said...

Oh my goodness, you busy girl! They look GREAT, I am loving your black makeover all over your house.