Friday, October 16, 2009

My Paintbrush and I

It all began with the hutch . . . which now is decorated in full autumn splendor. ;o) Oh, and see that little green birdhouse on top? That WAS black, but now is green. ;o)I had so much black paint left, and seeing as I was all set up for painting, I thought I might as well paint a few more things. Like my book shelf in the dining room (although, now I must paint that shelf on the wall to match--that's next on the list).
And this bench--it used to be part of a corner nook dinette in my kitchen in the first house we owned. Well, we no longer live there, and quite frankly we've kind of outgrown it. I had Josh take the two benches apart, this longer one, and also a shorter one (which I'm hoping to put to use in the girls' room). Now it is a free-standing bench and extra seating in the living room. The table became the "play-dough table" in the basement.

This little bookshelf originally came as a hand-me-down from Josh's grandma. About five years ago I painted it black, and then kind of this white-washed khaki color, and then a dark green, and now, I'm back to black. It's in the downstairs bathroom. Along with a plantation shutter my dad took out of this house he was remodeling and saved for me (which I spray-painted black) and a wall shelf that was white and is now black . . .

This was a very old sewing cabinet, also from Josh's grandma. It has water damage, it's pretty beat up, and there were spider webs in it that I guarantee were older than me. I'm not completely finished with this area yet, but it's going to be our nature corner. Some black paint and new handles make the desk much more appealing. Sometime I'll come back to this--when I get the area completely set up--and show you a before picture. While it's not perfect (there are still some paint touch-ups here and there, and cracked places I just can't do much for) it is MUCH better now. Definitely good enough for the kids to use to display dead bugs and such. ;o)

And this shutter . . . It was originally the lower section of a louvered closet door I found for free on the side of the road. I have a "thing" for shutters (and old window frames) when it comes to decorating. It was really long though. Josh sawed off the smaller section for me. I painted the long part, yes, you know, black. I'm planning on hanging it horizontally over that bench I showed you. Then I'm going to clothespin black and white pictures in the slats at various angles, creating some sort of picture collage. The green sign I made last night, which I'm going to hang over the shutter display. Make sense? Yeah, I'll post pictures whenever I finish this. ;o)

So, there you have it, how I've spent my evenings over the last week. It probably looks like a lot of work, but honestly, I enjoy having some creative outlet to look forward to in the evenings. About a year ago I *almost* completely cut out my tv watching (not that I have anything against you if you do watch tv) but it really has opened up a lot of time for me to do the stuff I want to do. I was amazed to discover that life did go on if I didn't catch the latest episode of whatever show. Shocking, huh? ;o) Now, the rest of my house . . . it's an utter disaster, but at least I have some new-looking furniture to enjoy! AND believe it or not almost half a gallon of paint left!! Hmmmm . . . . What's left to paint?


Mom said...

All the things look great. Can't wait to see them. No wonder you're so tired.

Kathy said...

My goodness, girl you have been busy! I LOVE it all! I had to click on each picture to get the enlarged version and admire everything 'up close.' I'm pretty sure we have the exact same library books you have right now and I have the same picture that is on the middle shelf of your lovely hutch!! Also, love all the old black and white family pictures!!!

Anna said...

Ooh, I'm LOVING this theme! Everything looks so gorgeous, and I love all your decorating plans! The green sign is a great saying. I think it's safe to say that you're in full-blown 'nesting mode.' :) It all looks beautiful, love it.