Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Hutch Makeover

Here is a small-ish hutch I found on Craigs.list this summer--I believe the guy was asking $40 or $45 for it, but Josh got it for me for $30. It was actually in perfect condition and made of solid wood. There were sliding glass doors over the shelves, but Josh took them out for me. I sat with it in my house for awhile trying to decide what I wanted to do with it, in the end opting for the black paint treatment. So, I spent my Saturday afternoon with a gallon of's "Black Suede" flat enamel with the primer mixed in. It was a $30 gallon of paint, but I'm very happy with how it went on and covered. (And there is a TON left even after painting a small bookshelf and a bench too!!!)
Two coats of black and a hardware switch and I'm loving it. It will be a great little display piece and fits well next to this little wall between my kitchen and bathroom. I had originally hoped for it to go in the living room, but it looked too small in there. (If you blow the picture up it looks like I didn't paint well on the lower cupboard doors, but there are some panels of "wicker-ish" stuff, that in real life do actually look like they're painted--really they do!);o) Now, you painters out there, is it necessary to do some sort of sealant over this, or am I good to go?


Anna said...

This is SO GORGEOUS, Janna! Love it, and how great to have extra space for decor and things--and cupboards to store. Not sure on the sealant question, I would think it would be fine...but I'm not experienced in this dept. :)

Tiffany said...

Wow! I'm loving that. I forget to look on Craig's list for little treasures like that! What are you planning on doing with it???

Kathy said...

That black's magical, I tell ya! Great job on the transformation. I like to top my black paint with something called antiquing gel. It's a polyurethane based stain that gives a protective coating without adding shine, as well as antiquing it a bit. If you're interested, look at my blog under "The New Black" to see what it is called. Got mine at A.Patty's.

Mike and Kirsten said...

Love the hutch! You're so crafty and creative.