Friday, October 30, 2009

GLOWing Reports

You know, just the other day Josh was complaining about the lack of crazy Jackson/Emmett stories on my blog. Amazingly he's right, things have been fairly calm. And of course, there's only so many times you can write about your walls being drawn on before it gets rather boring. But now he gets his wish.

I sent Jackson to bed tonight with a little glow stick Josh had brought home the night before. It was still glowing a nice purple color, and I didn't really see any harm in him having it in bed with him. It DOES look pretty cool in the dark.

Well, he ate it.

Okay, that's a bit dramatic. He didn't ACTUALLY eat it. But he did puncture it with his teeth allowing "glow juice" to spill out on himself, a little up a nostril, a bit in his mouth . . .

And he's sobbing, because apparently it burns. I'm calling Josh at work, and he misunderstands me thinking I meant Jackson bit into a light bulb. He tells me this is bad because light bulbs have mercury. I'm freaking out because I think Jackson ate mercury. After a few moments of pandemonium we get ourselves on the same page.

I the ingredients in glow sticks, and supposedly they are non-toxic, but for your information they don't recommend digesting them, because apparently they could cause some irritation.

You think? For him and me both . . .

I gave Jackson a bath, scrubbed his teeth, etc. He's content, although still not asleep. And I sit here wondering yet again, whatever is wrong with that boy?

So, in the event you think it no big deal to let your kid take a glow stick to bed, remember this cautionary tale. ;oP


Kathy said...

Oh dear!!! Will be praying for him...and you. I just saw some science youtube video on glow sticks that explained it's some chemical reaction that makes them glow when you crack them---but it didn't mention what the chemicals were.

Jill said...

Just thought I would let you know that he must have some fetish with eating "glow" things, because Dan and Sara told me that a couple of weeks ago when they were working on the Sunday School craft that Jackson started eating the "glow" glue and that his tongue was glowing. Jackson adds quite the excitement to our Sunday School class :)

Anna said...

You poor thing, that sounds so frightening. I have poison.control's number still in my head unfortunately...I'm hoping no radioactive body waste comes out. :)