Sunday, October 4, 2009

At the Pumpkin Patch

We spent late Saturday afternoon checking out a new pumpkin patch called Wh.ere. You're Plant.ed Fa.rm. My friend Anna and her posse joined us for some haybale jumping, cornbox digging, trail walking and of course, pumpkin picking. (Unfortunately mixed in was also an Isabella face-plant off a haybale, an Emmett potty accident, and a Jackson car-sickness episode just one mile away from home . . .) However, it was still a beautiful fall afternoon and I especially enjoyed the wide variety of gourds and specialty pumpkins they had. I wish I had an acre to devote solely to growing fun stuff for fall--another one of those secret little dreams of mine. ;o)
Oh, and if you click on the fun little collage you can see it a whole lot bigger, therefore not needing to bring out the magnifying glass . . .;o)Posted by Picasa


Kathy said...

Awesome collage! Love the pic of Josh walking with the 4 kiddos! I've heard neat things about this place and am hoping to make it out there soon. Glad you had such a fun day

Anna said...

Love the collage--what a great idea! You beat me in getting your pics up. :) We had SUCH a fun time--thanks for inviting us along!! :)