Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Wild Goose Chase

Last night we headed over to Pio.neer's Park to see if we could find some geese to feed. We were not disappointed. There were a lot of geese and we had a lot of stale buns, so it was a good combination. ;o) It was an absolutely perfect and gorgeous evening. The geese seemed to know the drill well and would basically eat of the kids' hands.
Isabella feeding a goose: Marissa feeding a goose:
Jackson feeding a goose:
Emmett feeding . . . oh, wait, Emmett CHASING a goose:
Jackson deciding Emmett was onto something there:

So, while Josh and the girls leisurely tossed bread in the water, the boys and I somehow found ourselves on the other side of the pond, herding up every last goose that had yet to jump/fly/plunge desperately into the water. And there really was quite a substantial goose gathering. For me, it brought back fond memories of loading pigs for market, geese proving to be just as wily, the ground similarly slippery . . . Much to Emmett's disappointment--although he did get very close on several occasions--he never did catch a goose. It truly was not for lack of trying. A lovely evening had by all. Oh, and did I mention Isabella managed to slide down an embankment feet landing in the "water" **ahem** She was not overly enthused. Truth be told, it was quite gross. ;o)

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Anna said...

LOVE THIS, so funny the sequence and captions on your pics. What a fun time! ..a little extra mud during laundry time, but what a fun memory. A perfect family outing on such a perfect day. :)