Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Highlights

So, Emmett's become pretty self-sufficient in "#1" even in spite of his vertical challenges. I really need to finish potty-training him, we're still struggling with "#2" and an intense fear of the toilet. But today I found him putting a diaper on himself, and let's face it, if he has the mental capabilities to diaper himself to do his business, he should be more than able to use the toilet. I laugh every time I see him in the bathroom though--we did get him a stool, but he wants to do it just like Jackson. Unfortunately, he has less than stellar aim.
(After reading a story about a family who managed to lose their kids for a month due to some innocent bathtime photos, I decided I better remove the pic of Emmett using the potty. Who knows what weirdos are out there . . .)

Next, a "diver" ensemble Jackson rummaged out of Grandpa and Grandma's shed. It definitely beats the "butterfly" he put together a few days earlier using a pink ballerina outfit, mismatched princess shoes, a tiara, and of course, wings.

I read Jackson a book about carving pumpkins. He was thrilled to discover pumpkins at the store this weekend. He came home with the impression we would be carving it immediately. I came home with the impression it would be a fun activity sometime in the next month. He has continued to follow me around asking for a "happy pumpkin." And then he broke the stem off. I said maybe we could make a pie with it now, which he took to mean IMMEDIATELY. And the drama continues . . .
Two toothless girlies--Marissa managed to pull out her fourth tooth on Saturday--all by herself, and Isabella lost her very first one this morning. Hopefully, Marissa WILL have her two front teeth for Christmas. ;o)
And slipping in a picture of me and the belly, tomorrow I hit 6 months, leaving me with 3--or 13 weeks, however you want to look at it. As I look at this picture though I have to wonder what I will look like in three more months. I'm wondering if this may be more of a "Jackson-sized" baby . . .
And what happens when you miss your Sunday afternoon nap--still a very important event in the life of my four year old.
We kicked off Girls of Grace at church tonight, and I do believe we now have our complete "back-to-school" schedule in place. And life is busy. Oh, and get this, my sister informed me that all those Cubbies patches I have been meticulously hand sewing on for FOUR YEARS now are actually iron-on. Good to know--definitely the highlight of my weekend. ;o)


Tiffany said...

Fun update! And, you look sooo cute!

Kathy said...

Loved reading the happenings at your house! 2 observations: #1--your 6 months belly looks darling!!! #2--the Cubbie patches technically are iron-on but I learned really fast that they don't stay on very well, especially if a little cubbie spills yogurt down the front of their vest and you have to launder it. They aren't fun to sew on but it works better in the long run. :)

Anna said...

LOVE all these pics, Janna! The 1st of Emmett made me laugh so hard...and great one of Jackson with the pumpkin, these are all so fun.

Nicole said...

Janna, you look adorable! I can't wait to have a baby bump like yours :)