Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Emmett set what I believe to be our family's record, a total of five bathing experiences in a 24 hour period.
#1--his bath last night
#2--Snuck into Josh's shower this morning (while I snickered, thinking HA! now he'll have it out of his system and not sneak into mine)
#3--Snuck into my shower
#4--An impromptu before-lunch bath after a disastrous hot cocoa experience (to which I thought, "At least no bath tonight . . .")
#5--An evening bath after REALLY enjoying the chicken enchiladas
And then I missed orchestra rehearsal because I couldn't get my van to start. Turns out it was the battery, most likely caused by a light that remained on in the back because someone-whose-name-starts-with-E likes to climb all over the place pushing buttons. So, I took my clean children back inside and worked on this:

Which in case you cannot tell, is a member of the "Harvest Folk" family I am creating out of wool felt, pipe cleaners, embroidery floss, and wooden beads. I'd like to tell you they are for my children, but that wouldn't be the entire truth. I'm having a bit too much fun creating wee little people and gathering tiny little paraphernalia for them to go about their wee little lives with. The patterns come from this book, in case you too need a little harvest family for yourself. However, I must admit, the work is a bit tedious--this little person is only about three inches tall. So, if you see me walking all hunched over and squinty, you will know why. ;o) Hopefully I can get a nice-sized family made, as well as their woodland dwelling before fall is over . . .
And now, on to tomorrow!


Kathy said...

Squeaky least for a while. :)

Your handword amazes me! Can't wait to see how these darling little people turn out!

Anna said...

This posting made me laugh. That is the most adorable picture of Emmett...and we missed you at orchestra! Hope the battery got fixed...and can't wait to see your complete set of harvest family & accessories, so adorable, looks like fun. :)