Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spiderman Strikes

After all the stunts my boys have pulled, I am still amazed at my slowness and stupidity when it comes to putting glaring clues together. Case in point, today:
I lay Emmett down for his nap and begin schoolwork with the girls. Jackson usually hangs around for this period of 20-30 minutes, just to make sure Emmett is good and sleeping, before he lays down for his nap. Sometimes he hangs around with us wanting to do school, sometimes he heads downstairs to the "play-dough station" and sometimes he just does "whatever"--as long as it's not bothering Emmett. Today he was running. And running and running, around and around my living room/entry area, which has a lovely half-wall--perfect for running circles around. I figured it was a good way for him to get some energy out and let him have at it.
At one point he came into the dining room, all sweaty and panting, and said something about a spiderweb. Which I'm sure got a distracted and dismissive "Oh neat!" from me. And off he went to run some more. This is the point where my brain begins to slowly connect the dots--running 'round and 'round . . . spiderweb . . . MISSING new spool of thread I had just gotten to complete a sewing project!!! And I dash into the living room, bracing for the damage.
Yes, there was my spool of thread, strung around the coffee table, the couch--the wall and piano having another color of thread that he rummaged up from who knows where. All in all it wasn't THAT bad. I'm happy I still have enough thread remaining and Jackson was REALLY proud of his " spiderweb" (which by the way, he has never even seen So proud in fact, he couldn't wait to show Daddy because Daddy would say it is "SO cool, and AWESOME!" (his words, not mine) ;o)

And now I'm pondering, is there some sort of superhero explanation to help me understand why my embroidery scissors were shoved through the screen in the dining room window this morning? Wonders TRULY will never cease.


Anna said...

Oh my goodness I've never heard THIS ONE before! His creative genious makes me laugh...and the scissors, well maybe they were the villain? Cute photo...I've had those delayed moments of scary realization...glad he didn't have the WHOLE house in knots. :)

Lisa said...

This made me smile!! My two boys will find their sisters crochet yarn and do the same blooming thing. I have cut yarn from everything.....and they too were so proud!!

Brooke said...

Oh you crack me up!!!!! :)