Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some more Projects . . .

The girls' skirts are completed and I found some sweaters at Tar.get to match just in time for the cooler weather. These are the first clothing items I have sewed where I have not used a pattern--and they ARE simple skirts, which would be pretty hard to screw up, nevertheless I am happy they turned out. My wool felt has arrived--I think I have finally found a good source for it (and the best price) at an online store called Prairie Point Junction that is actually based out of Cozad, NE. Weird. These are the colors for all the little woodland creatures I am making for the boys' room.
And these are the beginnings of some animals. The owl I found a free pattern for online, the hedgehog and mushroom are my own doodlings. I asked Marissa if she knew what it was, and she DID guess hedgehog right off, so I was happy it was at least recognizable. ;o) I have a squirrel drawing in the works . . . just have to figure out a way to represent it in felt. My plan is to sew them onto either burlap or some other "rougher" looking kind of fabric using a variety of embroidery stitches to embellish--and then mount them individually in small embroidery hoops.
In the end I hope to have a grouping of animals to hang on the wall. It should be a fun little project.
I'm pretty sure I am in "nesting" mode, unfortunately for me, my nesting hasn't involved any strong urges to deep clean anything . . . Instead you will find me with bunches of little projects started all over the place, coercing my girls to help me rearrange the furniture in my bedroom, and *ahem* we may have even wrestled a recliner up two flights of stairs . . . That was probably not the most brilliant of ideas. It did come apart in two sections though. It was the base that was heaviest. By the second set of stairs we discovered that rolling it end over end worked much better. Now the boys have a comfy recliner in their room--a perfect place to sit and nurse a baby. And also, as Jackson has discovered over the last few days, a perfect place to take a nap. ;o)

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Anna said...

I am loving all your nesting projects, they are so fun! The girls look beautiful in those colors, and the room sounds like it's coming along the woodland animal theme! How perfect. ...oh, and I hope Josh scolded you over the recliner moving. :)