Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Jackson Sweetness

Today, while I puttered about the kitchen Jackson rushed outside with a few packs of seeds he had unearthed a few days ago--packets I had bought with the intention of planting several years back and never got around to. He had been talking about planting flowers for several days now. I had attempted to explain that we needed to wait until spring time but I don't think he was really grasping the concept. So I let him get about his business.

I saw him rush past with a watering can, I heard the water turn on outside.

A few moments later, he came into the house sobbing, "It's not working!!!"

I followed him outside to see where he had ripped open a pack of zinnias and a pack of sunflowers and scattered them under a tree, then thoroughly watered them. He was under the impression he would be immediately rewarded with grown-up flowers.

It nearly broke my heart. Poor guy. If I could have made flowers magically appear at that moment I most definitely would have. We had a little talk about plants taking time, just like it takes Jackson a long time to get as big as Daddy. Maybe he got it, maybe not. Just a moment of sweetness I hope I always remember . . .


Tiffany said...

Ahhhh! Too cute. Love your new layout/header!

Mom said...

You'll be glad you blogged to remember that moment with Jackson. Papa Roy will need to talk to him, too, about how things grow. :-)

Anna said...

This is so adorable, what a cute moment..and life lesson learned. Just love it, what a sweet kid.