Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Computer has Died

It's true. So for awhile there may be a scarcity of posting, or commenting. Josh has the capabilities of checking out a laptop through the college, so that's what I have when he is home with it. Hopefully we can figure out what to do quickly. I'm gearing up to teach a class for our women's group at church and everything is on the hard drive of the other computer . . . So, I have at the most two weeks to get all that information off and installed somewhere else . . . And all my pictures . . . Josh thinks the hard drive is fine though. I hope he is right! I wasn't up to date in getting my pictures in too far behind--but I would lose a lot of stuff. Sad times at my home. ;o)

UPDATE!!! Thanks to Craigs.list I'm up and going again! (Well, except for the whole transfering picture and files thing . . . that may take awhile and totally will not involve me and my "expertise") $88 got me a faster running "computer part", new keyboard, mouse, monitor, and maybe some sort of cord. And no, I was not heading up this search, Josh was (in fact his conversation with the small computer business owner went something like this "Okay, I'm sending my wife to pick this up, and she'll have no idea what we were talking about . . ") I should be insulted, but it is--unfortunately--very true. I am quite proud of myself for plugging everything into the correct spots to get this baby turned on. That's another small step in a positive direction. And this computer has more pretty pictures saved as my "background" for the monitor. I've got this lovely fall one up now. So, life is good. ;o)

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Anna said...

Yikes! I'm so glad it's fixed now...and what a productive Monday you've had! Your sewing projects turned out GREAT! You always inspire me to be a better homemaker. :) p.s., hope you can put those feet least for a few seconds a day. :)