Monday, September 14, 2009

Kicking off the Week

Thanks to Emmett's endearing 5:55 am wake-up call this morning, Monday has started off with a bang--I had showered and dressed, my laundry from the weekend gathered, a load started, glimpses of a vivid pink sunrise witnessed and tea sipped all before 6:45 this morning. Woohoo! ;o) I'm sure I'll be ready for a nap in a few hours. And I'm officially wearing my running shoes, not for running mind you, but as a means of self-preservation. "Barefoot and pregnant" really isn't cutting it around these parts anymore. Those feet have been protesting a bit too much, so I'm hoping shoes will make the difference. The good news--according to the little counter on my blog the due date is now 98 days away--we have broke the 100 day mark. Exciting and petrifying all at the same time. ;o) But I must admit, I'm feeling pretty pregnant now, energy waning, more trips to the bathroom, worn out after climbing the stairs . . . I suppose that was bound to happen sooner or later. ;o)

I had a productive weekend with my sewing machine, tackling some patterns from this book. The first project was a "letter satchel" as a birthday present for one of Isabella's friends. It's suppose to be a little place to save your cards and letters--something my girls love to do, and then we end up with papers stuffed into all crevices of their room. I'm hoping to get some made for them as Christmas presents. And my other project was a new fall bag for me, the "mama bag" also from the same book. It's nice and roomy and I can shove all kinds of stuff in it.
(Oh, and if you look carefully at the bottom of this picture you will see "grapevine ball lights" that Tar.get is clearancing out of their "outdoor" section or whatever it's called. I LOVE them and want to tuck them all over the house. They were still $9 for I believe an 8 foot strand, but OH! they are soooo pretty.)

I'm hoping to finish up some corduroy skirts for the girls this evening--I'm "winging" these, which you can do with skirts, since they are basically rectangles sewed together. ;o) According to my Jo.ann's advertisement "September is national sewing month!" so I'm living it up. I think it's also "Sign up for a library card month" so you should do that too if you haven't already. ;o)
Anyway, I'm off, happy Monday to all!


Kathy said...

That's soooo unfair---the one who still naps wakes up the earliest. Hope you get to catch a little nap this afternoon, too and that the shoes help your swelling feet! Love the sewing projects. You are so talented and ambitious. I'm pulling out some fall decor this week, I think and after seeing your pics I feel very inspired.

Mommy K said...

Oh, sewing this month is just a far off dream at this point!! =) You have some fun projects going! I thankfully made my diaper bag way in advance and will only have to add some gender-specific stuff to my slings and wraps after this one is born. But, my hope of Christmas projects might just be a dream this year. We'll see. I did make a ton of stuff for a bazaar when my last was 4 and 5 months old, but with homeschooling full-time...I'm not sure that will happen this time. I can still hope for the best... Good luck on the rest of your projects!!