Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn!!!

Even though I have been celebrating for awhile now, it is finally official (well, officially at 4:18 I believe). Fall is here. And did you know you can balance an egg on its end when the equinox hits? We're going to give it a try today. We kicked off our morning with homemade spice donuts and hot apple cider, perfect fall fare. I think of all the cooking memories I have growing up, making donuts with my mom is perhaps my all-time favorite. Rolling them out, using a glass to cut the shape, than using a miniature jam jar to cut the hole, dropping them in the oil, watching them brown, draining them on paper towels and then finally coating them in a sugar/cinnamon mixture. I still remember it all vividly.

And because of it, to this day I just can't bring myself to eat store-bought donuts. They are just not the same. Ruined for life. ;o) But this morning, it was a very tasty start to THE BEST SEASON OF ALLLLLLLL!!!! ;o) Oh, and a "heads up" but we are in some sort of canned pumpkin crisis, the stores being out of it for three weeks now, due to some sort of manufacturing glitch. I'm hoping it is remedied soon. I'm rather devastated because many of my favorite fall recipes call for pumpkin. If I get desperate I may have a huge session where I make my own puree' but I'm still hoping I don't have to resort to that. If you find canned pumpkin anywhere, do let me know! ;o)


Kathy said...

Those donuts!!!!!! YUM! May I have your recipe? That would be a fun thing to make. And I had totally forgotten about the egg thing---I remember in 6th grade our teacher telling us about that and letting us try it. Can't remember if anyone accomplished it or not but it sure was fun! And now I will officially be on the hunt for canned pumpkin!!! :) Happy fall!!! YAY!!

Anna said...

Happy Fall to you..and what beautiful pics, that leaf is gorgeous..and those donuts look awesome! Made me think of my Grandma making homemade donuts back in the day. :)

Tiffany said...

Will you e-mail me the recipe for your donuts, dear? Also...I am stocked up on pumpkin if you get into a crisis...whenever it's on sale, I pick up a couple of cans!

Mom said...

Thanks for that memory.