Thursday, August 13, 2009

How the Week Went Down--

~My globe now looks like this:(unfortunately, this was its condition even before the 2nd day of school--note-to-self, do not buy the $15 globe at Tar.get with the plastic stand--at least it's still basically usable, until somebody tries to balance on it that is)

~More "Mommy and Baby" love by Jackson, he is still utterly thrilled to find something occurring in both a large and small size.

~ Ocean animals everywhere, driving vans, flying planes, taking baths, swimming in sinks.
These were a special vacation purchase, that not only made for hours of minivan fun, but continue to be a hit at home nearly two months later. We call that money well spent. ;o)

~ Carefully arranged Care Bear sleepovers in the girls' room.
~The girls had a "midnight rendezvous" with Daddy to head out and watch the meteor shower on Tuesday night. Mommy and the boys slept blissfully unaware.
~Isabella is providing us with a near CONSTANT soundtrack of piano music, her adaptations of the VBS music and Marissa's violin songs. (Recognizable for the most part, but with sharp/flat variations here and there) ;o) I can only hope she wants to practice that much when she is officially taking lessons.
~School is figuring itself out, slowly but surely. We're honing our routine and attitudes, and the end of the week is already appearing much more promising than the beginning.
~And hopefully tomorrow will find us visiting the library, having a light school load, and maybe even a tea party.
All in all a good week.


Lisa said...

I was going to purchase that Tar.get globe, thanks for the heads up. was it just general use or from the kids. My boys are what I like to call "full of life" so I guess I should find a wooden stand...

Anna said...

This is all fun to hear...sorry about the globe incident, maybe you have a boy heading for the circus. :) Love these little tidbits, and I'm so glad things are going a LITTLE smoother! :)

Brooke said...

My Dad woke me up at midnight for a meteor shower once, laying on the driveway with our pillows is one of my favorite memories! What fun!

I love the "Mommy & Baby" from Jackson, how sweet! And imaginative. :)