Sunday, July 26, 2009

When Life Happens . . .

This weekend we lost a member of our church, a mom to one of Josh's high school classmates, a grandma to a lot of young little people I know. And as always, when a death occurs so unexpectedly it stuns you, I think no matter how close or removed you are from the situation. You ache for those involved, and find yourself facing the reminder again of just how frail life truly is.

That is where my thoughts have been since I heard the sad news yesterday afternoon--how much I take for granted. I assume I have tomorrow and next week, next year, and ten years from now. I assume if I lose my temper today with my kids and find myself overly frustrated and annoyed that I'll have tomorrow to make amends and do a better job. But the truth is I only have the day I am given. There is this day and only this one--to live in a way that will please and bring glory to God. Maybe in His graciousness there will be tomorrow and next week and next year. But only He knows that, and He has already allotted me my days. I need to be striving to make each day my best--not coasting through or getting by--but to take each and every day and make it something worthy of hearing a "well done, good and faithful servant."

And sometimes, life is going to throw us curve balls. Sometimes we are going to face a situation we never thought we would have to, sometimes we are going to watch someone we love suffer a terrible illness, sometimes we are going to lose a dear one unexpectedly. There is so very much hurt out there. However, if there is one thing I have learned at this point in my life, regardless of what God brings our way, THERE ARE NO EXCUSES. God brings into our lives what He knows we need whether we think we do or not. Sometimes, I don't know that it will be in this lifetime that all those things will be understood or explained in a way that will satisfy us. But one day it WILL all be redeemed. In the meantime, we push on, STEADFASTLY and resolutely, with thoughtful consideration for a life well-lived. No, we don't get to have control to the circumstances that come our way, picking the ones we would prefer, but we do get to choose our reactions. Life is going to keep happening, whether we agree with it or not--we must take what we are given and run with it, bringing God the glory no matter where or with what He has placed us.

*sigh* Just a few thoughts in my heart today, a heart so saddened by such sudden and unexpected loss. I'm hoping I remember to stay mindful of each day I am given, and choose to live each and every one so that if it were my last, there would be no regrets. A tall order, to be sure.


Anna said...

Thanks for these encouraging words and the reminder. What a heartbreaking loss for the family.

Brooke said...

Thank you Janna, well said.