Monday, July 20, 2009

VBS Day 1 Survived

Ah, peace. The boys are napping soundly, the girls quietly "scrapbooking" in their room (this involves scissors, a glue stick, and a stack of old catalogues). I am sipping some tea and nibbling on a cookie, quite pleased with how smoothly the day has gone. VBS week usually wears me out. And I'm sure once Friday rolls around I will be tired. But for now, the laundry is caught up, there's only a small pile of dishes awaiting their turn in the dishwasher, the house is fairly in order . . . That's a good start to any week, and an especially good start to a week filled with being gone all morning, every day, and afternoons with midwife and physical therapy appointments, and a Friday where a special someone turns 6 (Isabella). So, for now, I'm on top of everything.

But to get there we had to skip evening church last night, much to the incredible disappointment and dismay of Marissa (she loves the music/arts camp!). Something was going to have to give-- sometimes I must accept I am not Super Woman, and I really can't accomplish it all. Each year I strive for better organization, I try to remember what worked and what didn't, but even when you try to prepare, sometimes you just can't physically keep that pace of going, going, going. (Particularly when you are in possession of a small parade that must be buckled in and out of the vehicle and ushered through parking lots--you can only do that so many times in one day.) Which is why I skipped last night. ;o)

But I was thinking, I have another reason why I enjoy homeschooling so much. WE DON'T HAVE TO GO ANYWHERE on a daily basis. VBS week always gives me a little taste of what it's like to have to get everyone ready and ushered out the door for a certain time each morning. Truly, I would rather save that experience for the more accomplishable once-a-week for church on Sunday. In the summer, if it's hot, we can just not going anywhere. In the winter if it's cold, we can remain hermits indefinitely. No bags to pack, no shoes to locate, no coats/mittens to bundle into. I really like that "not going anywhere" option. And then I would have to pick them up too! *gasp* Yes, I am very much a homebody.

For others involved in VBS this week--hope your day went smoothly also--just four more to go!

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Anna said...

I like this posting! I am on the same page..feeling on top of things so far...we'll see as we have 4 parties in a row the next 4 nights with family/friends in town...hope the rest of your week is a success! :)