Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yay, we are finally back in routine!
And yay, I've had a good week!
Homeschool paperwork sent off--check
Isabella's birthday gift ordered--check
Birthday gifts for nieces Lexi/Ava purchased--check
Mission organization BEGUN in the "Basement of Terrors"--check
Dresser painting project underway--check
A sneak peak . . .
I got the dresser off of Craigs.list this spring for $40, a nice heavy duty wood one.
(The girls are still using those plastic drawer container things for a dresser, which worked well when they were babies and their clothes were itty bitty, but it's not working so well anymore). I've a plan to "shabby chic-ify" it. I still need another coat or two of the antique white, and then I have a tea stain glaze to rub it down with. I'm already very excited with the results. I love the spindles and curves on it.

And the last picture is courtesy of Jackson. One of many "hermit crabs" he has built over the last month. This one is special because he discovered he could give it a face with some clay.
He's very proud.
And I think it's pretty cute. ;o)
Have a happy Saturday!


Kathy said...

LOVE the dresser! That is going to look so great! Cute hermit crab, too. :)

Anna said...

Ooh that dresser is going to be gorgeous!! ..already looks great. And the hermit crab is super cute! :)