Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well, I'd like to tell you we are all recovered from vacation and everything is running like clockwork again. Unfortunately, that would be lying. ;o) It has come to my attention that if you are hoping to get back on schedule quickly, do not plan your return for 4th of July weekend. We had the kids in bed at nine last night, only an hour off track, but we are still finding our way back to the routine. Hopefully TODAY will be the day. And of course there are all those odds and ends things that come up when you're gone, phone messages to attend to, the homeschool paperwork that needs to be sent off this month, etc., etc. We are planning on starting our school year on August 10th, so basically, I have a month left. I know it will just zip by.

Yesterday I hit 16 weeks, and you get another lovely belly shot, courtesy of Marissa's photo taking skills. I think my energy is back, for awhile anyway. And in just three short weeks we will know whether this little one is a boy or girl. The girls are saying girl, the boys, of course, boy. We shall see who is right (I think it's the girls . . .) ;o) I'm just beginning to feel flutterings of life--still haven't had my definite thump, but I'm pretty sure something is going on. ;o)

Yesterday we had another crazy day involving another visit to the emergency room--caused by a 4-wheeler ride down at my parents' house that went awry--just a freak thing involving a stopped 4-wheeler. It got off balance on an incline and tipped, throwing Marissa and Jackson clear, but the handlebars landed across Isabella's face, pinning her to the ground. Part of it pinned my dad also. Initially, it looked like a scratch across the cheek and a puffy lip for Isabella, but as I checked her over more I quickly became more alarmed, then she got rather sleepy and listless. And so, off we were. Her head/face were cat-scanned and there were no signs of concussion and no broken face bones. We are so very thankful. She's not going to look the prettiest for awhile as she is pretty swollen and scuffed up, but it is all superficial (although she is pumped about the loose tooth that managed to get looser). ;o) It would seem God had a protective hand on her. She told me on the ride up that "I'm just glad Emmett wasn't on it because that would be really bad for a 2 year old." She is reveling in all the special attention. And I'm hoping that maybe, the emergency room has seen the last of us for a good long time. Yesterday afternoon Marissa had physical therapy, which will continue twice a week for the remainder of the month. I have to laugh at all the "free-time" I thought my summer would afford me. While it is true that some activities did end, it would seem I just found other things to occupy my time with. I'm guessing this is just a fact of life.
And so I'm off, in my quest to get back to "normal"--whatever that may be!


Kathy said...

I am SO glad everyone is okay after the accident! Praise the Lord!

I'm right there with you on feeling the crunch of the 'last' days of summer! Every summer I wonder....."Now how was it that I mananged to fit school in to the schedule?" :)

Anna said...

Good grief, I'm so glad the injury wasn't worse! ..unfortunately they're getting to know you pretty well at the ER, huh?

you look BEAUTIFUL by the way! A lovely growing belly.