Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lunch Inspiration

I plan my meals for supper time, a week, sometimes two weeks, at times for even the whole month and do my grocery shopping accordingly. It is still a system I plan on tweaking--I need to sit down with all my recipes and then I'm hoping to plan 3 two week menus that are PERMANENT, and have the grocery lists for each menu all saved on my computer. That way I never have to plan out a huge grocery list again. It's been my goal for awhile, and I'm hoping to get it done before we start school up in a week and a half.

However, lunch is neglected. I mean we eat it and all, but it's not a very inspired affair. Sometimes leftovers, sometimes mac n' cheese, sometimes sandwiches . . . It can get rather boring. But I discovered a blog where somebody plans a theme for a "muffin tin monday". The whole idea is you serve your kids these cute little lunches in the cups of muffin tins. Sometimes there are color themes, like all the same color, or rainbow, sometimes "under-the-sea" or a "fairy" lunch. I think my kids would love it, and it would give us something exciting to look forward to at the beginning of the week. I need to find some "6-seater" muffin pans though. Serving it up in a 12-cup ones feels a bit daunting to me. ;o) So there it is, my grand plan, and I thought I would share it, just in case somebody else might think it is as fun as I do. ;o) Have a good day!


Kris said...

super fun! we have a rotating 1 week lunch menu that we've used for the last 4 years or so in the summer, but i think it's time to change things I'm gonna check out the muffin tin idea, too.

Our Wilson LOVES having our menu printed and on the frige-he's one of those "spreadsheet minded types" like his daddy.

thanks for sharing, Janna!

Anna said...

What a cute idea! Love this, you'll have to post a pic of your fun lunches...I need to also get more creative (and organized!) in this department.

Michelle Sybert said...

Thanks so much for mentioning muffin tin monday!

I hope you come by next monday and share your muffin tin meal with us!

Kathy said...

Love this! My boys would really enjoy some lunch variety and this is so easy and clever!

p.s. when you get your menus all figured out just carbon copy them to my email box. :) I'm like you....I've wanted to do this for so long but just don't. Why is that???

Mommy K said...

I have a two week breakfast and lunch menu that rotates and a 3 week dinner menu. It has taken over a year to put together completely. We have a strict food budget, so it all has to be under $400, including toiletries, detergents and the like. So far it's working out well. Maybe I'll post it some time. I would love to get some more meal ideas that are quick, easy and cheap! We've done the muffin tin idea a few time when there wasn't much in the house and the kids love it!