Friday, July 24, 2009

Happiest 6th Isabella Faith!!!

I still remember that early morning 6 years ago, awaking to what I was pretty sure was my water breaking. But no contractions, not a single one. In no hurry we got our stuff together, dropped off Marissa with Grandpa and Grandma C. and headed to the hospital where it was confirmed my water had broken. Being Group B Strep positive this time around, and because my water had been broken several hours already it was decided that pitocin should be started. Again. I had been hoping for such a different labor than I had with Marissa. I was sure Marissa's had been a fluke since she was the first and all, and THIS time things would be NORMAL. Well, after a long day of what would end up being my worst labor ever, the pitocin, the back labor with "double peaking" contractions--causing me to question my sanity for sticking with the whole "au natual" mode I had chosen to go--you did arrive, at 5:46 p.m., healthy, safe, 6 lbs 11 oz with a whole lot of very black hair. We were officially the parents of two girlies. You were one month old when we moved into our very first home--a home in the process of major remodeling. I was one overwhelmed Mama. We survived that era, and things worked themselves out (as things often do . . .).

You were a sweetie--I loved your curlies and the adorable thumb-sucker and hair-twister you became. The hair twisting got so bad that by the time you were three I had your hair cut into a bob. You would get your fingers caught so tight they would turn purple. Every morning you would wake up with knots all over the left side of your head. There wasn't all that much hair left on that side! (And now you would never know--you have the thickest hair of all the kids!)

Your big blueberry eyes melted me. They still do.

And now you are six, on the brink of starting kindergarten, my quiet one, the tender heart. Your shyness reminds me of myself as a girl. Your flare for decorating, creating, accessorizing delights me. I love you so much for being you. You are sweetness itself. And growing up just way too fast for this mommy. Sometimes it does just feel like it was yesterday, you were my baby girl and other times it feels like another lifetime ago. This aging thing is so bittersweet. Happy birthday my beautiful Bella.

You are so very, very loved.


Kathy said...

You have a way of putting such precious thoughts in to words! What a wonderful way to express all that Isabella means to you!

Happiest of happies, Isabella! Hope you enjoy your day and get a HUGE piece of cake for breakfast!!! :)

Anna said...

This is SO sweet! I didn't know she had such dark hair as a little one, and those eyes are SO BIG! Love the beautiful pic of her as a 6-year old too. Happy birthday, pretty girl!

ps..I was nauseous just thinking about your labor with her! It's amazing we ever go on to have more...but they are so worth it. :)