Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Dresser Completed

Some before pictures--
I had already begun to dismantle the dresser and take off the hardware when I thought to snap some pictures, but hopefully this gives you a good enough idea. ;o) There were some deeper gouges in the top that I used a palm sander on, and those came out pretty good.

I LOVE how it turned out!

How it all breaks down:
$40 spent on the dresser
$70 spent on liquid sander, heavy duty rubber gloves, tack cloths, small foam roller (and extra rollers), good paintbrush, a gallon of paint in "antique white," a quart of Ralph Lauren "teastain" glaze and a can of "hammered bronze" spray paint (I decided to keep the original hardware). I was a bit discouraged to realize I had spent that much, however, I am now all set for a few other projects I have sitting around. I might have only used an eighth of the antique white--if that--and I hardly touched the glaze. So, that made me feel a whole bunch better. In the long run, it'll come out just fine. ;o) I'm now on the lookout for a nice big mirror--so garage salers, and goodwillers, keep your eyes open for me. I'm hoping to find something big and ornate to also paint and distress a bit. And the girls are thrilled with their new piece of furniture and all the space they now have in their drawers. In truth, it may just be my favorite thing right now. ;o)


Mom said...

It does look very nice and I know the girls will love it. You did nice work!

Anna said...

This is SO GORGEOUS! Love how it turned out...and I think it's still a steal of a deal. Beautiful job!

Kathy said...

B-U-tiful!!!!!! Great job! You will get your money's worth out of that dresser as well as the 'left over' supplies you now have on hand for another garage sale goody!