Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pics of the Day

Isabella decided to hang a large cut of blue felt across my closet, (see the clothes hanging behind it?) empty out a full bag of poly-fil (clouds of course!) and then asked me to cut out a circle from some yellow tissue paper, creating her very own sky scene. And if you notice Josh and I walking around with bits of poly-fil stuck here and there, you will now know why. ;o)
My current sewing project--some shirts for the girls. I got the fabric 60% off at Jo.ann's this week and will probably end up with about $3.50 in each shirt--love that! I told Marissa they were going to be "vacation shirts." She, of course, eyed it critically and informed me, "But isn't that Hawaii fabric? We aren't going to Hawaii. See the hibiscus flowers (Grandma C. will be so proud!)--Hawaii's state flower is the yellow hibiscus."
I asked if they could still wear them on vacation in spite of all that, and I think she's coming around. ;o) Isabella just thinks they're beautiful--no questions asked. I still have a hem left to do, and sleeves--which are my least favorite part. I was trying to come up with a way to finish off the armholes and leave them sleeveless, because I like them that way too. I think I could pull it off with some binding tape (is that what it's called?) but that would require another trip to a store, and I do have the sleeves cut out already . . . I just have to buckle down and do it.

And this last picture is just because I thought he looked so cute. ;o) I love his little summer jammies, brushing his teeth like a big boy . . . It's just a picture that makes me smile.

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Anna said...

Love these snapshots! You've been busy, the matching shirts are so adorable! Love those adorable jammies too. ..and Isabella is very creative, just like her mommy. :)