Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Headlines at Home

Marissa was casted in powder blue. In spite of the fact there will be no swimming for the next three weeks and I must bag her arm to bathe, she's liking her new accessory. The doctor was originally concerned about a growth plate that was missing from her x-ray, but after a cat scan today, they found it (phew!) and so no surgery was required (something I didn't even realize was a possibility!). Marissa is getting a break from being my right hand--no pun intended--and Isabella is learning to step up to the plate. That is proving to be a great realization for me, the fact that Isabella is able to help more than I gave her credit for. And it's good for Bella to work on having a more serving attitude. But have a sharpie ready--Marissa is definitely canvassing for signatures. ;o)
And you all remember this lovely vehicle. Well, you can rejoice with me because as of today I have this:

No, it's not new, actually 11 years old, but new to me. Yes, still a bit worn in areas, but everything works like a normal van should and get this . . .
(doing a little dance)
We stayed within our budgeted amount, and still will not have a car loan to worry about.
God is good.


Kathy said...

Praising the Lord with you for a 4 DOOR VAN!!!! Yee-haw!!! It looks great--just like your old one went in for a little face lift!

Sorry about the timing on the cast--with swimming season and all--but I'm glad it's only 3 weeks. Once upon a time I would have been very jealous of her cast as that was always a childhood dream of mine. ha!

Anna said...

YAY!! SO happy for your new van, what a blessing! Praise the Lord for that. ..and Marissa is so cute in her pretty cast. :) Hope it heals quickly.

Brooke said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! So excited for you and your "new" van. ;-)