Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A few Odds and Ends

Hey look, a new way to destroy the house!
Sunday afternoon I heard this repetitive tapping sound and asked Marissa what it was. She informed me Jackson was tapping the window. It sounded like a gentle tapping, so I wasn't too concerned. Turns out he was tapping BY the window, as in the ledge, chip-chip-chipping all the plaster away. LOVE-ly.
(And yes, I realize I uploaded the picture sideways, but I'm to lazy to go back and fix it, and I think you get the idea) ;o)
The 13 week belly--I had to break out the maternity pants this week. You would think by this point I would own some "middle-ground" clothes, but I don't, just normal size and maternity size. And unfortunately, "normal" isn't cutting it anymore. Although I feel a bit ridiculous in maternity already, I'm sure in a few weeks they'll be fitting just fine. And let me tell you, it is very fun to have older girls this time around who watch the growth of your stomach like hawks, commenting, often daily, how they think it's getting bigger, asking how long until it's really big. Very fun. ;o)

Among other news we are in full vacation planning mode, set to begin a cross-country road-trip to the Connecticut/Massachusetts area on the 25th. I have SOOOOO much to do. I'm still busy collecting activities to keep four kids busy for roughly around 26 hours of driving. And if you have any great, strapped-in-your-carseat activities to share, please let me know. I am sure I will need a REALLY BIG bag of tricks in order to pull this off with all of our sanity still intact. But we are incredibly excited--it has been a full four years since we took a family vacation! We'll be staying with my aunt and uncle in Connecticut for about three days, visiting with my Grandma (my mom's mom), heading to Boston, visiting the ocean, seeing Niagara Falls--lots of neat stuff planned. It should be a fun little adventure.

Well, I'm off to get this day going--hope yours is wonderful and doesn't involve any chipping away at walls. ;o)


Anna said...

Oh no. He is a demo-expert, isn't he? And WOW you look so cute! ..btw, there's hardly a belly there!! Can't believe that for #5 for you...the vacation planning sounds like fun! I think the anticipation is half the fun of it. :)

I don't have any great road-trip ideas besides a portable DVD player...if you don't have one you can DEFINATELY borrow ours! :)

Keesler Chaos said...

Hi! I found your blog through another homeschooler blog in the area. We travel quite a bit, so here's my list:

Magnets and cookie sheets
Toobs or plastic animals/people
color wonder markers
books on CD
clip boards & coloring/activity sheets
lacing cards
markers that color on windows
stickers and cardstock to make cards, book marks, picture frames, etc.
Paper dolls-we like the Klutz ones the best

Stop at a fast food place with a playground and let the kids play while you eat and relax. When you are ready to leave, order the kids food to go, then let them eat as you travel.

Kris said...

Pipe cleaners...a big bag full of colorful ones. Have the kids make "glasses", bracelents, necklaces, little people (just don't let Jackson make a noose for his little bro! LOL).

Our kids like a map with the destination trail marked out (like on google maps) so they can follow along when we enter a new state.

Kathy said...

Our boys always enjoy the Viewmaster. Vacation is about the only time I pull it out and about the only time they're interested. I have quite a few of the viewmaster reels that I've picked up at g.sales. (They are for loan if you'd like.) :)

Kathy said...

Oh, meant to say your little baby belly is darling and I am TOTALLY impressed with the fact that you only have 'normal sized' and 'maternity' clothes and this is baby #5. :)

Mommy K said...

You looked great! At 13 weeks people were already wondering when I was due! Now that I'm 6 months my belly is 40in around and people are shocked I have to wait all summer! =)

Brooke said...

I remember a road trip home from DC when I was about 6 and Zach was 4, our Grandma packed two boxes with individually wrapped trinkets. We got to open one thing per hour and both of us remember it as one of the most fun car rides ever! They were really small things like McDonald's toys, a colored pencil with post-its, pipe cleaners, strings, etc. Of course your trip is a lot of hours and trinkets multiplied by 4 might not work :) but for what it's worth...

Sounds like fun!