Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Week in Numbers

287 feet of new pen, marker, and sidewalk chalk drawings on the wall (well, *approximately*)

4 brand new magic erasers ready for business

2--the number of times I've washed my sheets in 5 days (apparently Jackson still occasionally wets at naptime, particularly when finishing out his nap in Mommy's bed on clean sheets)

3 glasses broken in 4 days leaving me with a grand total of 2 remaining of the original 12

2 inches shy is Marissa's last year bathing suit of covering what it needs to

6 loads of laundry done today, but so far only 2 folded/put away

2 weeks left has Isabella at speech therapy and then this 2 year phase of our lives come to an end (Yay Bella!)

3 forts built in the living room, complete with curtains, flower gardens, and tea parties inside (Bet you can't guess who was doing the building) ;o)

11 cups of tea I have enjoyed . . .

The number of times Emmett removed 3 shelves of MY books from their carefully organized place on my bookcase--3 (and there they sit, because really I'm not THAT foolish to organize them all again, we'll wait for this phase to pass too--there's been a lot of regression lately . . .)

23 times I have pulled out the vacuum

0 closets organized ;o(

4 cups of rhubarb cut up for a crisp. Yum.

26 hours of driving--the trip we are in planning mode for, and that's just one way . . .

Opportunities that have presented themselves for me to get out for some alone time at the fabric store doing some "pattern perusing"--0

Minutes left until bedtime--19 ;o)


Tiffany said...

Love this! I'm curious about your trip???

Kathy said...

Love the last one--the countdown to a bit of quiet. :) 26 hours in the car?? WHERE are you going? Make sure you have a portable DVD player. What did our parents do without those??? :)

Anna said...

Love this!! Super cute