Thursday, May 21, 2009

Messes, Moths, and Managing Mutiny

So. Yesterday. There was some sort of inspection scheduled on my home for the afternoon (we rent, and I guess they do this yearly or something), and of course I was spending my morning cleaning. My morning went something like this: I make my bed. Emmett climbs up, throws the pillows off, and burrows in. I gather the laundry still awaiting sorting and dump it on my bed so I can get the floor vacuumed. Jackson comes in and throws it back off. I work on cleaning my bathroom up. I discover Jackson in the process of squeezing a brand new bottle of shampoo all over the floor of the kids' bathroom. And him slipping and sliding in it (did I mention he was already wearing outfit #2 of the day?). I head downstairs to do more laundry. Emmett manages to get a hold of the laundry detergent when I turn my back and dump a lot of that on the floor. While down there, Jackson decides to practice his t-ball. Emmett gets a bat to the eyebrow. I head back upstairs to finish up a few things. Jackson floods the downstairs bathroom with another near full soap dispenser, lots of bubbles, and water. And this was before lunch time. Thankfully, Josh had a gap of free time that coincided well with my breaking point, and gathered up my four sweet ones for lunch at McDonald's and some time in the play area. I had a whole hour and a half to myself--to finish cleaning. Bliss. And then would you believe--after all of that--Mr. Inspector had the audacity to pull a no-show?!?!? It's true.

So, I woke up today, hoping to put yesterday behind me. But before 9:00 a.m. :
--Emmett managed to break into the refrigerator, steal the milk and dump it over the coffee table in the living room
--Jackson helped himself to a yogurt, ate a few bites, dumped the rest on the window ledge and drove trains through it
--In the kids' bathroom I discovered this:
At which point, we hightailed it over to my sister's to spend the morning outdoors on their new--and very cool--swing set/activity gym they got for the backyard. A wee bit of sanity restored. But I'm going to say it . . . I'm a bit discouraged today. What is wrong with these boys?!?!? Is this just what boys do or are mine abnormal? My girls NEVER did stuff like this. Honestly, they were complete and utter angels when I start to think about everything these little boys have come up with. And people have mentioned removing from the vicinity the things causing problems (like all writing utensils), but they're using stuff we NEED like toothpaste, or yogurt, or oatmeal to wreck havoc in the home. So, I'm kind of frustrated.

But, on an entirely different note, check out what my mother-in-law found in her yard:
With a little bit of research we discovered it is a polyphemus moth, and most likely a female one. Did you know most moths don't have mouths? They only live about a week, just long enough to reproduce, and then they die. Those might be eggs in the bottom of the container. We'll see if they hatch. So, that's our current excitement at home. Other than the excitement that the boys have been generating, that is. (Updated--okay, I may be mistaken, it's probably a male--based on the antennae, and I'm guessing that most likely, ummm, those aren't "eggs" . . .) ;o)
Anyway. I'm off--I'm sure whilst I sat here reminiscing the good times of the last few days more memories have been made somewhere else in the house . . .


Kris said...

OH MY. I'm just going to say that I'm GLAD you documented these moments, Janna, because even if you have several more like won't remember it "exactly" like it was now, and it WILL pass.

I think outdoor adventures and sports someday will be a great outlet for them to burn off that active energy and focus it on something other than a bottle full of household product.


Kathy said...

Bless. Your. Heart. I am gaining a new appreciation for my Evsky, who I thought was a 'difficult' toddler/preschooler. I now realize he didn't hold a candle to your guys. All I can say is the Lord gives the grace for the moment as it is needed and I'm so thankful that you have Him to go to for strength to face these challenges. Can't imagine how wearying it must be at times. Hang in there. Praise God for 'daddy time' and MickeyD's playground!! :)

Tiffany said...

I'm sure my time's a comin'! Luke doesn't get into much yet (he's afraid of being dirty) but he does drive me batty in other areas (i.e. whining uncontrollably). Yesterday, when Bill came home, I actually said out loud, "Calgon, take me away!" This too shall pass!

Cathy said...

This is why I stopped buying toys. They apparently had no appeal--there were too many "better" things to play with. Sorry about your rough day(s). I have a theory on what boys are constantly thinking. "What is contained must be released." Toothpaste? Release. Laundry soap? Release. Shampoo? Release. A nice, fresh ream of notebook paper? Release. I'm so thankful for the great weather we've been having lately. And I may or may not have locked the door behind them as they went out.

Anna said...

Oh you poor thing! You should be awarded an Olym.pic Gold Medal for pulling your house together with those kinds of odds! And the inspector..well that's just cruel and unusual to not show up. :)

Praying for a much better week ahead. ..and hang in there! You are my hero to put up with all your boys do. Sure makes me feel normal since my kids have done similar things, albeit a much lower frequency. :) Hugs to you, super mom.

Tori said...

I just want to thank you for the wonderful heartfelt blog. I am a friend of Kristin J, here in South Carolina, with three kids four and under (the oldest two are boys) and experience many similar events in our house. I read, laughed, cried, and praised God for your page and love for being a mom and a true servant for Christ. She set me a link to your blog and it blessed me and encouraged me.
Tori Brewer