Friday, May 29, 2009

Like Christmas

Look what arrived today:
It's the new curriculum for our 2009-2010 school year! It's always soooo exciting to open that big ol' box for the first time and see what adventures we will be having. But I'm going to admit, as I looked over everything, I did feel some slight feelings of panic creeping over me. It feels like a big jump from last year. And now I'll have two girls schooling . . . So, I'm kind of nervous. I see some revamping in our daily schedule ahead--I'm not sure if we can get everything done when the boys nap (IF they're still napping come fall . . . PLEASE, PLEASE let them be napping come fall!). And Fridays, which were a very light/if anything day appear to be a thing of the past. There's still a lighter load scheduled for that day, but much more than we have been used to doing. So, changes ahead. Which is always hard on me, sometimes finding a rut and sticking to it is good. ;o) And changes almost always involve my *favorite* word--discipline. Of course I realize this is needed--without discipline there can be no growth. I'm just not sure I was looking to get stretched this fall. ;o) But, it's all good. I'm really excited for what the girls are going to learn about the world, geography vocabulary, animal habitats, and all that jazz. Now we just wait for the back-to-school sales to start and we'll be good to go.


Kathy said...

Same box arrived at my house. Same mixed feelings of excitement, thankfulness, and panic arrived in my heart. Thankful we have the same Lord who promises wisdom, strength, provision, etc. Will be praying for you, friend!

Anna said...

Hooray! So exciting..let us know how it goes--you have a lot on your plate. :)

And CONGRATS to Emmett going potty--what a big boy!! ..I'll have to see if I can coax Calvin into doing it for candy. :)

Mommy K said...

What curriculum is this??

Mommy K said...

I've looked into MFW briefly, along with Sonlight and other similar history curriculums but can't make a decision on what I like. It's hard since you can't try them all!

Mommy K said...

I'm looking into Adventures in MFW for this year for my 6 and 5 yr olds. You said you did it last year. Are the plans pretty thorough? Are their projects daily or just weekly? What didn't you like about it? Was the schedule so full you couldn't add in things you want to study? How in depth was the bible part of it? Sorry to slam you with questions. =) Take your time in response.