Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I came up with this idea to simplify violin practice for Marissa. She is learning violin the Suz.uki way, which at this point is completely by ear. Currently, we are working on committing songs #17 and #18 to memory, however, we still need to make sure #1-#16 get practiced (some with greater frequency than others) during the span of the week. Inevitably, songs get left out. Sometimes, even weeks will go by and I'll realize we haven't played through "such and such" for awhile. So, I came up with this card system, where each day has the designated scales and songs that need to be played through. The oldest songs that she knows the best will get revisited once a week, some others 2-3 times, and the newest ones daily. And then I made a Saturday card where she gets to play whatever she wants. I was quite pleased with myself and looking forward to trying out the new system.
But then you see, there was a "monkey bar incident" before supper last night. A reach, a slip, a ground-hit, and a certain right elbow--the bow holding arm of course!--found itself dislocated and with a sliver of a fracture. Marissa was a trooper through it all. We had a nice 3 hour one-on-one session at the emergency room yesterday evening, watching some sort of "Wipeout" show and her first glimpse of bull-riding--good times had by all. ;o) But, when speaking with the violin teacher today, he said the little fracture could put playing the violin on hold for possibly the rest of the summer. (Movement of the elbow is essential for drawing the bow across the strings the correct way). We see an orthopedic doctor tomorrow to get the nitty gritty, like if she needs a real cast or if the splint will suffice, and stuff like that. And I'm hoping she won't be sidelined too long, because Grandpa and Grandma's pool is just calling her name. :o( There might be some long weeks ahead when swimming, tree-climbing, roller skating, etc. are removed from the picture.
And it appears--for awhile anyway--my cool little card system will just have to wait. (Although, I don't think Marissa is nearly as devastated as I). ;o)


Anna said...

Oh that's so terrible! Poor thing, hope the splint will do and I'll pray that it heals very quickly. ..but I love the card system! :)

Kathy said...

Rats! Praying for 'just a splint!' p.s. When I looked at this picture of Marissa it just screamed out "I look like my Grampa C!" :)