Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I Love To Be a Mother

Some houses try to hide the fact

that children shelter there.

Ours boasts of it quite openly,

the signs are everywhere.

For smears are on the windows,

little smudges on the doors,

I should apologize, I guess,

for toys strewn on the floor.

But I sat down with the children

and we played and laughed and read;

And if the doorbell doesn't shine,

their eyes will shine instead.

For when at times I'm forced to choose

the one job or the other;

I like to be a housewife but

I love to be a mother.

(Author Unknown)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there, especially my own mother, and my mother-in-law too. Chances are, if you are a mommy out there reading this, you have in some way impacted my life for the better, perhaps an encouraging conversation, a recipe shared, advice given, or knowledge imparted--I'm thankful for all the "mothers" in my life and the vast stores of experiences they represent. I hope each and every one of you enjoy a blessed day with your families.


Anna said...

This photo is breathtaking, Janna!! LOVE it, your kids are so beautiful all lined up in a row. ..and love the poem too. Hope you have a great mother's day.

Kathy said...

Sweet post. I agree with Anna---LOVE that photo! Is that in Gma and Gpa C's yard? I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of that perfect photo spot you have. ;)

Janna said...

Yes Kathy, that is my in-laws yard--I used to try to schedule pics at JC Penny around each of their birthdays but that got a little too much for me. I like their yard much better, there are beautiful spots everywhere.;o)

Kris said...

Janna...we did the VERY same thing with JCP and then decided to just work a little harder on my own picture taking and finding beautiful spots. (I think the same policy applied with haircuts in our house, too-seemed to make more sense to just whack it off at home, with my mistakes being less of a big deal on little boys.) LOL Happy Mother's Day, friend!!

Kathy said...

JCP's has produced many a tramatic photo session for the Lang Gang and as you can guess, not that many good photos.

alecat said...

Hello from Australia!
I've just popped by and saw your beautiful photo of the children. How lovely! :)