Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finding a Groove

For anyone curious, we did finish up our school year last week. Truly it is a good feeling and a tremendous sense of accomplishment, for me in particular, as in "Yay, I've homeschooled for 2 years now!!!!" I use My Father's World for our curriculum. I like it because it does the planning for me and we function under a theme for the year. This year we covered American history, in kind of an overview fashion and then "toured" the 50 states, putting together a "United States Notebook." The girls LOVED learning about the states. I am amazed at what they learned and remembered, and all the travel plans they now have. ;o) Next year we'll be doing "Exploring Countries and Cultures" which I will admit, I was having a hard time getting excited for (I REALLY love American history myself and next year didn't sound as fun to me) BUT after seeing what this year did for my girls as far as their love of geography and learning about different places, I have a feeling they will love next year just as much. We should have a nice little world tour. And next year Isabella "officially" starts. This has me a bit nervous too, but I have a summer to ready myself.

So since school is out, I feel like I have been wandering about my house aimlessly. I know I need to get moving on my organization plans. But first I must come up with a plan . . . I am seeing that I function the best when I tell myself "This is the time I __________" and then I just do it. When I approach my day in a carefree sort of manner I only end up getting to the dishes and some laundry--things I MUST do daily. ;o) And so I'm thinking I must revisit fly.lady's principles and get myself going on a routine again. When the house seems to stay perpetually messy I find myself perpetually grumpy. This summer should be a good time to hone the framework for a nice cleaning routine that will hopefully stick when school starts back up. (yes, I'm giggling just a little, the thought of me having a cleaning routine that sticks . . . I must be delirious). Did I mention Emmett started drawing on the walls again?

So, that's where I am right now, rather lost, with a lot of messes to attend to. What a great way to kick off our school break, eh? ;o)


Cathy said...

Hi, Janna. I pretty sure you don't know me, but we must travel in similar circles. I landed on your site via the feedjit list--because I have nothing better to do than check out random blogs. :-) I, too, have four kids and we also homeschool using My Father's World. Next year we will finish our first circuit through the materials. I have to tell you, ECC has by far been my favorite year. And, like you said, I also was amazed at how much my daughter learned--and how much I learned!!

I just wanted to encourage you, also, to start that cleaning routine. Using flylady principles, I divided our house up into zones. Each day the kids have particular chores they do in that zone, and it gives me motivation to get the cleaning done. I love not having to have a marathon cleaning day when company is coming--if we've stuck to the schedule, the house is relatively clean.

It's a little uncanny how much we seem to have in common. My 4-year-old has suddenly taken an interest in learning to write his letters, so I gave him a notebook and pencil. It seems he's been practicing everywhere except the notebook. And we're getting ready to sell our house!! Aaahh!

Anna said...

Love this posting, Janna! You make me laugh. I'm afraid I'm very similar with attempted cleaning schedules. :) Let us know how it goes, that FlyLady is a great resource.