Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Beautiful Day . . .

We had a lovely afternoon at Ma.honey State Park today. We decided to get a park pass this year, and we have used it twice, so we're off to a good start. The kids got to climb the tower for the first time, which I admit, leaves me a basket case. You know as a kid, I don't recall a fear of heights, but as I get older it seems to get worse. I've been blaming it on the fact one of my balance nerves "got snipped" and things feel kind of swirly when I get high. But I think it goes beyond that. I think it has to do with being a mother and imagining all kinds of horrible deaths for my children and ACK!!! there's four of them to keep track of . . . So I clenched the railing and Jackson's hand the whole way up. *blush* We also had fun paddle boating for the first time. Now Emmett, he is all kinds of crazy! Josh pedaled out with the four kids, and there's Emmett in the back trying to hang off the edge and touch the water (they were all wearing life jackets!) and Jackson hanging on to one of Emmett's legs for fear of losing his brother screaming about Emmett falling in the water. Emmett was never actually in danger. But Emmett's shenanigans constantly cause major anxiety for Jackson, edges, ledges, bridges, etc. all bring out this irrational fear in him . . . Hmmm, wonder who he could have possibly gotten that from . . . All in all we had a very fun day and I got some good pictures--I'm especially loving my girls in the crabapple trees, so pretty. ;o)


Kathy said...

Could you have chosen a more PERFECT day for this outing???? Great snaps from the day!

Kris said...!! LOL

Wonderful photo collection, Janna-and great job blogging the memories of the day-beautiful and anxious all together!! :)

Anna said...

These photos are GORGEOUS!! What a fun day, love those snaps of all the kiddos smiling lined up in a row--so cute!! Beautiful slideshow, what a fun memory for you guys.