Monday, May 18, 2009

Around the House

Lack of a sandbox got you down? Never fear, I'm sure something in the pantry will suffice. Like a whole container of oatmeal for instance:

In case you didn't believe me when I stated that nothing in our house was safe from Emmett's artistic prowess . . . Now you know. I really wasn't lying when I said if you sat still long enough YOU would be the next target! Not only did he get the plate and dishwasher door, but what the picture doesn't show as well is the drawn on blender to the left and the metal bowl behind it--all doodled in blue.
And my dear Isabella, beside herself because her bathing suit STILL fits from last year--therefore not warranting the purchase of a new one--has asked for extra chores to do so she could get a suit *just like* Marissa's new one (It came with a separate SKIRT you see). So, this morning I gave her a list of four things she could do to earn a $1. The first item on the list, ORGANIZE UNDER YOUR BED. Now, if I told you to do this, I'm thinking you would pull everything out, sort through it, put it in the under-the-bed-tubs you have, etc. Right?
Apparently Isabella took that to mean "All the stuff under the bed? Arrange it in a pleasing and attractive fashion." When I went back to check how she had done, I lifted up the bed skirt and burst out laughing. Only Isabella.
Among other news I am seriously contemplating attempting to make my own fitted slipcover for my couch and cushions. Contemplating. Our sofa is five years old. Which I think in "kid years" means it's about 100. BUT it is still a very sturdy, firm, comfortable couch. The fabric however, is trashed. Last fall we slipcovered it with a ready-made we found at a store. While this does cover the gaping hole in the arm fabric, it has been another headache for me. It doesn't stay "tucked" like the picture on the package shows. Basically, once you sit down, the aesthetics are done for. I have felt rather murderous toward it upon occasion. While a new living room set would be nice--if it were in the budget--I must admit I wonder at the sensibility of it when you are raising a bunch of messy monkeys (and I mean that endearingly). Because when somebody decided to leap upon it with dirty shoes, or wipe off their peanut-butter smeared face, I might really struggle with having loving feelings. So, buying a new set just doesn't make logical sense anyway. But then again, slaving over a slipcover for who-knows-how-long-it-would-take and have that eventually get trashed may not make a whole lot of sense either. You see my predicament. Part of me really wants to try something tricky like that and see if I could pull it off. Part of me thinks I'm crazy. Hmmmm.

That about sums up life right now. Hope you all have a great Monday and fabulous week!


Kathy said...

I think Jackson has been tutoring his little brother while you were busy teaching big sisters. ;)

Anna said...

Oh my goodness you poor thing! I agree with Kathy, looks like Emmett's been taking notes from the expert. :)