Thursday, April 16, 2009

This week I:

So. This week has been a busy-with-a-capital-b week. Part of it my own fault, part of it because I had no choice. Sometimes I find it interesting that even though I am a stay-at-HOME mommy, a HOUSE-wife, part of a HOME-schooling family, many of our endeavors take us out of aforementioned humble abode. A run-down of the week:

Monday--We were home. I did laundry.

Tuesday--covered for the preschool teacher at Titus Tuesday (women's group at church), had a nature walk at Pi.oneer's Park. Got robbed somewhere in between those things. Well, maybe. I left Titus Tuesday with a cell phone and a wallet of change, however at Pi.oneer's Park following our nature walk the cell phone was missing. I figured I had left it at home, it fell out of my purse in the van, etc. BUT I did leave my purse (kind of buried behind my seat) in an unlocked van. I know, I know. But it was a NATURE CENTER and you've SEEN my van. If I was a betting woman I would think a thief would pick the pretty Escalade sitting near me. Of course, that would probably be locked with a security system . . . Anyhoo, upon further inspection I discover ALL of my change missing from a ZIPPED wallet. (Last time I checked change does not move by osmosis). So, that is how I came to the conclusion I was robbed. Thank goodness he left my four library cards all with extensive fines, and my & Nob.le educator's discount card or I would be absolutely beside myself. But all he (or she) got was about $6 in change. I think I can recoup those losses. Now, the cell phone I'm a bit sad about. That is a bummer. Maybe it will still turn up--along with the two DVD's the library would really like back and my toothbrush--all which have been AWOL for weeks now. (For those wondering, I HAVE since gotten a new toothbrush--out of desperation I broke into the stash of extra kid toothbrushes and now have a pink one with a light up timer. It's a bit short but it works.)

Wednesday--The zoo opened! Of course we HAD to make opening day, and really I'm glad we did. I think the animals knew it was the first day, they were the most happy, alert, and friendly I have ever seen them. Kind of like they missed all of the people or something. Especially those gibbons--LOVE the gibbons. They make me laugh every time. I might put together another slide of some of our pictures. Then I had to take the boys in at 1:00 to recheck the ears. It was supposed to only be an "Emmett check" but that got changed when I noticed varying colors of fluids leaking from Jackson's ears. Crazy. And so, he is on another antibiotic, meaning I am going on three weeks of making sure I don't miss a dose for somebody in our family. Happy spring. ;o) As evening rolled around we had a violin lesson (and discovered we're about ready to snap the A string--not good news), Aw.ana (yay Marissa finished her 3rd book of the year--I'd like to say it is because she has an endless thirst for knowledge, but truthfully, she has been on a mission to get the honor to squirt the leader with a supersoaker--we're very proud) and orchestra rehearsal for me. Everyone was tucked in around 9:15.

Thursday--A field trip at the Dog's stadium, Jackson did a mediocre job. They got to take home posters, to which Marissa asked me, "Mommy, what's a poster?" And then preceeded to use them as telescopes (they were rolled up you see), megaphones, play pirates, etc. I realized that we have never had the opportunity to own a poster before. We got home, finished up schooling for the week, took Isabella to speech, and discovered a load of towels from Monday that never made it to the dryer. Oops. Tried several times during the course of my Thursday afternoon to get on the internet and blog about my week, but the internet *broke*. I tried everything in my bag of tricks (which basically consisted of restarting and unplugging things . . .) had Josh walk me through his bag of tricks over the phone (a bit more complicated than mine). And nothing. I went to make supper, eat supper, get baths started and figured there must be something seriously wrong. I was rather annoyed. And then I decided to pray about it. Wouldn't you know, lickety-split I'm online again. Not that God answers all my prayers that way, but it was a good lesson to me that even when I think something is too silly or too minute to pray about He's still God and He's still listening.

I'm kind of tired. Emmett took a 4.25 hour long nap today, Jackson 3.5 hours, so I think they're tired too. ;o) But we've got grocery shopping tomorrow, and perhaps a library trip-although that depends if all of my holds are in yet. And on Sunday, Josh turns *drumroll please* 30!!! Which of course, can't pass without notice, especially since I am still 29 and holding. ;o) I have six more months of 20ish bliss to cling to. He will be sure to hear of it. Often. Even though he could care less what we do to celebrate I have four munchkins who want to PARTY regardless of whose birthday it is. I must oblige them.

So there you have it. My "week-at-a-glance." But no complaints, life is good, a bit busy, but colorful, pulsating, and full of many, many good stories. ;o)


Kathy said...

This was a fun post to read. Even though I saw you today at the field trip I don't think we said more than a few words so it was nice to hear what you've been up to. We didn't make it to the zoo this week but we're dying to go. Maybe next week. We love the gibbons too and Luke can do a dead on imitation of them...something that is not exactly the most pleasant thing to listen to. ha! And by the way, my boys are highly motivated by soaking Mr. M at AWANA, too!

Tiffany said...

You're super Mom! Da da da DA!!!!

Kris said...

Sorry to hear about the fiasco w/ your cell phone and change pouch. I know how frustrating that kind of stuff can be!!

We had a weird thing one time where I was at T.arget on 48th in Lincoln and I had accidentally left my window down a tiny bit. When I came back from OnceUponAChild and Target, I got in and noticed that someone had thrown a pair of sunglasses and a new shirt still on the hanger in my car! I guess that was better than them taking something, but it was rather annoying to have to take that stuff back inside after I'd already done the 25 minute-strap-the-babies-back-into-their-seats routine!

Spring definitely brings the outdoor activities and may the Lord grant you the endurance needed to keep up! :)

Anna said...

Oh, this makes me smile. You are awesome to tackle all that! Hope you can rest someday. Happy bday to Josh! What fun turning 30. ;)