Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some TLC

So today I awoke and found myself a bit under the weather, stiff and tired, and blah. I made breakfast for the kids and told them I might rest a little bit more in bed this morning. I asked them if they could be good helpers today, not fight, etc. (Josh has a busy day and won't be home), and then retreated to the sanctuary of my covers. Of course, I got snuggled by Emmett for awhile, and then Jackson too. And then I was driven over by various vehicles--which is actually strangely relaxing when Emmett does it. He has a really gentle touch. Isabella brought me some extra blankets and covered me up. Then she tried to make me some chai (she forgot to add the milk to mix with the concentrate though--close). ;o) Marissa asked if there was anything that she could make for me and tended to Emmett when he was causing havoc on the kitchen counters again. Isabella made me a get well card. And all that to say, I'm feeling pretty loved. Sometimes, in the midst of all of our "daily-ness" you know, the fighting, the selfishness, and the frustration that inevitably emerges, I get caught wondering if we are getting anywhere. But today, I'm touched with the compassion, love, and caring that shows up in full force when one of us isn't "up to snuff" so to speak. I'm also amazed at the responsibility emerging in the girls. Were I to get REALLY sick I have no doubt they could manage a decent breakfast for themselves and brothers, and even pull off a lunch too. Not only could they manage, but I think they would be thrilled to be "in charge." And it kind of startles me to realize that! Oh, I know they still need ME, but we are kind of at a cross-over point--on one side reliance, the other self-sufficiency--and that's a crazy thought for me. Sometimes it seems like the neediness will go on forever, and then suddenly you find yourself on the brink of something new, and wondering just how that happened. I really am blessed with some sweetie-pie girlies. And I'm feeling much better too. ;o)

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Kris said...

So sweet! I've had a few days like that where the "please, work-really-hard-on-being-kind-and-having-self-control-while-Mommy-tries-to-recover-for-a-bit" didn't pan out so well, but there have equally been a few where I got to experience a taste of what you described. And 2 oldest girl are truly blessed, Janna! :) Next time I'm going to ask Ray for a car massage-that just might be the ticket....