Saturday, April 11, 2009

The One about Slimer

So, today, I was heading upstairs, and met Emmett, who was heading downstairs. I glanced at him, and his face gave me pause, because you see, he looked like this: Emmett, in his ever-ongoing quest at self-sufficiency, decided it was high time he styled his own hair. He has been thwarted in the past by a Mommy close at hand to remove the offending hair pomade from his grasp. But this time she was nowhere in sight and so he got busy. He was quite thorough.
Of course, this put a bit of a crunch in my midday plans, as now a bath was in order. But even a "lather, rinse, repeat" couldn't get all of it out. For what little hair he had he sure did manage to massage that pomade down deep. I got him out of the bath, dried him and dressed him, and then saw the back of Marissa's head. *cue Ghost.buster's music*
"Umm, Marissa why is there a big glob of pomade in YOUR hair?" I ask--surely she didn't "pull an Emmett" too!
"Ohhhhh, I felt Emmett playing with my hair, I didn't know he was putting that in it!" she tells me, feeling for the big hunk of stickiness plastered to the back of her head.
Ah, lovely. Emmett has opened a salon. You're all invited. And midday bath #2--complete.

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Kathy said...

Jackson has been doing some mentoring, I see. :)