Saturday, April 4, 2009

Miscellaneous Ramblings and Musings

Yikes, the week passed in a blur! I'm happy to report the kids are all feeling much better, although Josh is now in the midst of his own double ear infection. According to him they ARE quite painful--he almost took himself to the emergency room last night, but finally got some relief sleeping in an upright position. Hopefully he'll start feeling better soon too.

Friday, I was feeling rather adventurous and decided to take all four kids to the library. Usually, I wait for a time Josh is home and take just the girls. I always feel bad about this, because Jackson really enjoys the library. However, the last time he ran away, and it is rather embarassing to be wandering the library saying, "Jackson where are you?" and having him answer with "I'm right here," and I still can't find him because I can't tell where sounds are coming from. I'm sure I am very amusing to watch--like in stores when he hides in the middle of a clothes rack. But I digress. He was well-behaved on Friday. I might even dare say *perfect*. He didn't run away, I didn't lose him, and when I told him he was done with the computer and it was time to go he got right up without a fit. I was in awe. That may be the highlight of the entire week. ;o)

Among other news, Emmett is getting hilarious. I laid him down for nap today and he began BARKING. I didn't even know he could bark. ;o) He also refers to his sisters as "Bellas". If you point to Marissa and say "Who's that?" he says "Bella" and if you point to Isabella, well she's Bella too. Maybe they look alike to him? He's a total goofball, which is nice balance to Jackson's intensity. I've been doing a lot of reading this week on "sensory integration" issues, and am almost positive this explains a lot of Jackson's quirks. I feel like I am finally beginning to understand and get a grasp on what makes him tick. I'm kind of excited. ;o) I've also been reading up on coconut oil, which it seems is useful in cooking and as a beauty aid. I think I may be able to phase out some skin/haircare products and use this instead. So tonight, I coated Emmett in it (he has lots of dry skin issues) to see what will happen. I'll let you know my findings. ;o) I just got the cheap stuff at Wal-mart. It would seem that "unrefined, cold-pressed, etc" is the best way to go. That wasn't what I bought. I told Josh "There's a wind of change a' blowin' . . ." And he just eyed me warily. But I am excited about all the new stuff I've discovered in the last week.

And in keeping with the totally off-the-wall and random style this post is exhibiting, I also have a bit of a "Marissa funny" to share. Last night she told me she knew what she wanted for her birthday--which is a good six months away. Just what is she holding out hope for so far in advance? "I really want a book light," she informed me. And I laughed, because how many seven year olds out there are really hoping to get book lights for their eighth birthday? But I understand too, because I still fondly recall the pink bed light clipped to the top rail of my bunk bed and all the reading I did up there before calling it a night. It IS time I got her a light, and maybe I won't make her wait until this fall. ;o)

That about sums up the week. I did a lot of baking today, and I even have lunch already for after church tomorrow--chili in the crockpot. The weather seems like a perfect "chili day" and it could be the last one until fall. I really like chili, but it's just *not right* to eat it in the summer, you know? ;o)


Anna said...

Glad your household is getting back up and running after all the sicknesses! Congrats on the very successful library trip with Jackson. Love hearing all the funny tidbits on your kiddos...let me know what you think of the coconut oil, I think it's a great moisturizer! :)

Kris said...

Well, our 'just-turned-8-year-old' also has been pondering the book light did his older sister when she was about the same age. This made me smile when you mentioned it.

We've turned it down for our kids because of the need for a rigid bed/sleep time and I know our 8 year old would still be reading at midnight if he had a book light! ;)

We've just settled with having the kids be in their covers by 8 and they can read until 8:30 most nights. Maybe we can compromise and let him read with a book light clipped on his bed until 8:30...but then we'll have to remove it from his room...because we don't trust our dear little ones around here!! :) :)