Sunday, March 8, 2009

This Week's To-Do's

So, my baby Emmett is turning two on Sunday (which is another post in and of itself . . .) and I've got a houseful arriving to celebrate Saturday evening. For some reason this always inspires me to get to projects I have been procrastinating for months. (Notice I said "inspires," I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit or not). ;o) Here is my list so far:
Purchase curtain rod for girls' room
Maybe boys' too . . .?
Hang them
Hem/sew pom-pom fringe on the girls' valance
Hang it
Spray paint an old shelf some bright color for the boys' room
Spray paint a laminate bookcase to become more "learning activity" storage
Get supplies to make a felt board
Make the felt board
Hang it in the spot in boys' room where they continue to draw on the wall
Hang "mustard" peg shelf in my room
Hang "cream" peg shelf downstairs
Get the boys some hair cuts
Grocery shop for items on my menu for Saturday
(ad nauseum)
I could really use a haircut too . . .
Oh, and I should get some two year pictures scheduled for Emmett
I have about 23 different sewing projects in various forms of preparation, but that's just going to have to wait . . . ;oP
So, there you have it, my awesome to-do list, which is basically just every single thing that popped into my head that I've been wanting to do. My hope is that by making this list public I will hold myself to some sort of accountability. Maybe. Surely I can be Wonder Woman for just one week. If I assign a few tasks to each day it is possible right? We shall see.

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Anna said...

WOW--you are one busy woman! I'll be very impressed if you get half of it done. You've inspired me to scan my own home for projects..of course, first I suppose I should get the basic cleaning done. :) off to it, now..