Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Parade of Projects

If you recall, a few weeks back I made myself a list of a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to get done. Well, I'm not done yet, but I've been able to cross off a few things, the first being this valance for the girls' room. A few houses ago I had gotten these long window panels to go with the girls' bedding, but when we moved we didn't have as many windows, and it was a double window, so I decided to shorten them into valances. I had them cut and pinned, and then stashed them away, where they sat for a VERY LONG TIME. ;o) Finally they are complete. I threw in some pom-pom fringe. Am I weird, or is pom-pom fringe just the most adorable stuff? Love it. ;o) Next, a "before" picture of another shelf that Josh built for me when the girls were little. They have since outgrown its original purpose.And "after," painted blue for the boys. Sorry about that glare. ;o)
Two cans of spray paint did the trick.
And finally, a new little purse, ("The Flea Market Purse" from a book entitled The New Handmade)I finished up today. I have officially decided my favorite color is robin's egg blue. The problem is I haven't found a way to include that color in my home decorating since I'm more into "primitives." I find myself wearing it more. I LOVE this fabric--got it at The Calico House I believe.
This picture below shows a bit of the lining, which pulls out the coral red flowers on the purse. The only problem with this purse--it doesn't fit my wallet as well as I would like. Which is kind of funny, because when I saw the pattern/picture my initial thought was "Oh, that will fit a BOOK nicely!" I guess that shows you where my priorities are. ;o)

That's all I have right now. I'm probably going to attempt some shirts or dresses for Marissa. Sewing clothes is still one of the hardest things for me--especially zippers, and would you believe I have never successfully made a button hole? Usually I look for patterns that don't involve either of these things. ;o) All in all, I enjoy it and get much satisfaction out of making something, that whole "works with her hands in delight" thing. (Well, most of the time--as long as there are no button holes or zippers . . .Then it's more a "works with her hands while muttering" sort of thing) ;o)


Brooke said...

I have the same priorities for bags/purses, how well it fits a book. Love all of your things! Very inspiring.

Anna said...

Ha! You make me laugh. Love all these projects--your purse is adorable, and the girls' valance is just beautiful! You are really on a roll with the projects--can't wait to see the girls' outfits! I really can't sew well, so I love seeing other's projects. ;)