Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Of Ear Infections, Chipped Crowns, and Other Excitement

My little Emmett has been waking A LOT lately. He had gone in for his 2 year appointment last Monday, and the doctor checked his ears, saying they were fine, other than a bit of fluid in one. I attributed our nighttime issues to molars getting ready to come in. Yesterday came the fever, a cough, a runny-nose, and today the diagnosis of a double-ear infection. Poor little guy. He just looks miserable. So we're back to the "Well, he had a long break, if he can kick this one, we won't worry about tubes, but if not . . ." This has happened about three times now, we go through a bout of ear infections, the doctor says "One more and it's tubes . . ." and then the "one more" doesn't come--until way later, beginning the cycle again. The doctor we saw today mentioned his huge tonsils, which it seems all my kiddos have, and thought maybe Emmett would benefit more from adenoid/tonsil removal, as opposed to tubes. We shall see where this goes. Hopefully we will start seeing some improvement tomorrow, especially in the area of sleeping. I'm kind of tired. ;o)

And then I somehow managed to chip out a good-sized chunk on the crown one of my molars is sporting. Two years back I ended up with a cracked molar (it got really sensitive during my pregnancy with Emmett, but no x-rays were taken at that point, since I was pregnant and all, so I dealt with this awful tooth for a good 6-9 months I think). It resulted in a root canal and my very first crown. End of the story, so I thought. But last night I was lying in bed when I suddenly felt "grit" in my mouth, and removed a small bit of porcelain. I checked back there with a mirror today and YIKES! there is a good amount missing. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow (Wed.) morning at 8 a.m. And I'm trying to remember the last time I ever had an appointment scheduled at eight. I'm sure it will be quite pleasant. (Ha, ha) I am sooooo hoping the crown doesn't have to be pulled off and a new one made. However, I have a feeling it's going to be more complicated than I would like (isn't it always?). ;oP But maybe they can just "spackle" in the missing part. A girl can dream, right?

So today was a non-productive, "drifty" kind of day, where all I accomplished was a load of dishes. And it seems one day of slackiness always results in several days of make-up work. Ah well. Tomorrow IS another day. But today . . . Today I have a wee bit of denture envy.


Kathy said...

Such a bummer! Hope you got some good news this morning at the dentist--and I also hope you stopped for a chai latte on the way home! You deserve it!!!

Janna said...

No good news--I spent an hour getting my tooth manhandled by diamond tipped drills, pliers, and the like. Those crowns just don't come off easily! Now I have a nice and shiny temporary silver one, and have to go back in two weeks for the permanent one. Yippee. ;o)

Anna said...

Oh no! You poor thing. Those dental emergencies are never fun to deal with. And with poor Emmett trying to hang in there with his ears. Hope he can kick it quickly! Good grief that has been quite a long haul for him...hope he outgrows the problem soon.