Thursday, March 12, 2009

He Draws

For the life of me I have been unable to encourage Jackson to draw pictures. In spite of the obviously vivid artwork my walls have seen lately, the paper is seeing no action. My girls were making basic (crude) faces shortly after they turned two. I finally got something from Jackson last summer that resembled a face--right around his third birthday. I was ecstatic. However, there have been no pictures--of anything--since. He will color pictures in, or have me draw him pictures, but he will not try himself. Until today . . . What are these you ask? Shelves. Lots and lots and lots of pictures of shelves. Green shelves, and then to mix it up a bit, blue shelves.

Once again, I am ecstatic. Josh pointed out that on Tuesday, Jackson had wanted to draw a shelf, and I had guided his hand to show him. Today, we did the same, and suddenly it must have clicked. Maybe that is what I need to do with him--give him guided help until he feels confident enough to venture out on his own. Whatever the case, I'm quite happy and hoping to keep this new development continuing--especially since it involves paper and not walls. ;o)


Kathy said...

Yay! Bring on the scratch paper and keep that little birthday-suit-wearin-artist going! :)

Janna said...

*Blush* Yep, naked again--I do my best to try to keep the "blatantly naked" look out of the pictures. We probably should begin working on that soon . . . And while I am confessing, Marissa remained in her nightgown all day. Just one of those days. ;o)

Anna said...

No need to confess there..I'm sure I'm more guilty than anyone, having allowed multiple streakers around the house. :) And congrats to Jackson on taking his artistic genius out on paper--hooray! The shelves are beautiful. :)

Kathy said...

Luke went through a phase where he wore jammies pretty much all day. As long as we weren't going any where I figured that one of the joys of childhood! Enjoy, Marissa. I am wishing I could do the same! :)