Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I had these grand ideas for today, our last name being Irish and all (it's so Irish that there is even some epic tale involving our name and a cattle raid!! How cool is that?!?!) ;o) I found some recipes from Family Fun online, for some good ol' corned beef and "Authentic Irish Soda Bread." However, I did not get to the store until late in the afternoon. It would seem corned beef is not something you can rush in cooking. The directions on the package called for an oven set at 300 degrees, and 1 hour per pound. Well, I was in a hurry, plus I wanted to get my soda bread going too, so I decided to cook everything at 350 degrees--not the best idea I have had. You ever heard the phrase "as tough as shoe leather" ? Yep, that was supper tonight. Josh wanted to make reuben sandwiches out of it. I could not for the life of me chomp/tear/rip a bite off. The kids couldn't either. Well, actually at this point, Jackson, after repeatedly removing the sauerkraut from the table due to the stench permanently vacated the dining room and went to his room--he's kind of sensitive to smells. So, the remaining three kids and I munched on the bread and carrots. Josh somehow managed to get his chewed and swallowed. So much for our bonny Irish meal. ;o) We did however redeem ourselves with what was next on our agenda . . .
Kite Flying!!!!

The highlight of the night for me was definitely Emmett flying a kite. He was adorable, and he held on so well. It was a perfect night to fly some kites. We then came home for some "Shamrock Shakes" (which is just mint chip ice cream thrown in the blender with some milk). All in all a fun evening--even with the corned beef fiasco. ;o)


Kathy said...

We had a shoe leather roast when we were newly married 'cause I thought I could speed it up a bit too. Love your kite flying pics!!

Anna said...

Oh I LOVE all the fun details of your St. Patty's Party--very cute! I've quite experienced in making rubber meat (ask Andy about the infamous turkey loaf). :) The dessert sounds yummy, and the kite-flying looks like such a fun thing--thanks for sharing!! Very entertaining. :)