Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Emmett James!

You entered this world two weeks early, Daddy gone (like Los Angeles gone!) on a business trip. "The ides of March." You were a precious little 6 lb 5 oz bit of nothing. Tiny. Beautiful. Same song, fourth verse I would tell everyone.

In those early months I tended to fear for your life--you see you have Jackson for an older brother. Once he pulled you down off my bed. Once he dumped water on you. Once he peed on you. I'm soooo sorry. You spent a lot of time in your swing. It just seemed like the safest place. Those first few months I existed on no sleep. You were up every two hours--at least. I figured it was because you started out smaller than the rest--you had to make up for lost time. But eventually you were sleeping awesome. Until you started teething.

You spent many months army crawling like an adorable little inchworm. You took FOREVER to walk! You were nearly 16 months old before you decided to make it your full-time occupation. But that was okay, because I was still chasing Jackson and had no idea what I would do if I had two little crazy boys to run after.

You run the hottest fevers and get the worst rashes. You are the most cuddly little guy, still bringing me your blanky so I can wrap you all up and snuggle you close, like one big baby. But that's okay, you still are my baby. It's strange to be celebrating your 2nd birthday and not have another little one in my arms or just about ready to deliver. This is a first for me.

You might not have the language skills like Marissa did, the dressing-up skills of Isabella, or the mess-making prowess that Jackson exhibited, but you sure do remember each and every store that has ever given you a sticker and the exact place the sticker was given at. I cannot escape these places without hearing "Stickie! STICKIE!!" Which proves to me over and over that each and every child is unique and special and a genius in some area. Along with your "stickies" are the balloon and bubble love. Is it a round thing?

Your voice is ADORABLE! It is so sweet when you say "Love you too!" or "Peeeeeese!" or "Thank you" or "Supper time!" I love hearing new little phrases emerge. You are joyful. Impish. I love those little blonde curls and long dark eyelashes. I love when you wrap your little arms tight around my neck and give me kisses.

So happy birthday Emmers, my little Bubba. We are so very blessed to have you as a part of our family. And I am so very glad I get to be your Mommy.


Kathy said...

This is SWEET! Made me tear up a bit to read what you so eloquently wrote about your 'baby.' Hope you had a nice day celebrating the fact that he survived those early days with older bro. LOL on the 'peeing on you comment! ha!

Anna said...

Aw, this is SO SWEET! Love how you wrote the summary of his first 2 years, just precious! He is such a handsome little thing, how can you resist from hugging him? Happy 2 year birthday, Emmett! You are precious.

Mom/Granny said...

Happy Birthday, Emmett. Granny was so happy to be with you when you were born!