Friday, March 20, 2009

A Guest Poet

Spring is windy, spring is warm
It rises up the meadow corn
Easter's in it I must say
It never comes another day
And in the fields where new wheat grows
Watering, watering with the hose
And planting, planting with the plows
In fields of corn the milking cows!
Which munch and munch and munch I say
I leave May Day baskets in the month of May
The chickens lay me Easter eggs
In between their yellow legs
I love spring don't you?
It's when the skies are blue.
By: Marissa Grace Cooley age 7


Kathy said...

Yes, Marissa, I love spring, just like you! And I love your poem that you wrote! Nice job!

Anna said...

This is SO adorable and cute and sweet. What a doll--I don't think I could write a poem that good!! :)