Saturday, March 7, 2009

Celebrating Season Changes

After two days of gorgeous weather and now a delightfully rainy morning (with real honest to goodness thunder and lightning!) I am now giddy with the prospect that SPRING IS HERE! I know it's not official, and I am sure there will still be some cold days in our future, but there are definitely signs that winter is ending. The tulips ARE poking through, so that's as a good a sign as any. ;o) Josh laughs at me with how "seasonally driven" I am. I find each change thrilling and exciting, although perhaps my very favorites are the changes from winter to spring and from summer to fall--because they are such noticeable changes. The seasons dictate my decorating, the foods I am craving, the projects I am working on, the clothes I am wearing, the crafts I do with my kids, the nature we admire . . . The list goes on and on.

I read somewhere that God wrote two books, the Bible (obviously), but also the book of nature. As I get older, I am more and more amazed with the creativity and artistry that God demonstrates in our natural world. There could just be one kind of flower, one kind of tree, one bird, one butterfly . . . But instead we are blessed with an abundance of beauty to look at. We are blessed with change. If it stayed summer year round we would never get to appreciate the the thrill found in that first nippy autumn breeze while rustling our feet through piles of leaves, the silence of a snowfall, the thrill and joy found in the soft pastels of new life in the spring, the fireflies twinkling up the evening . . . Oh, my list could go on and on! There is such beauty all around us. It's an appreciation I definitely hope my kids "catch" from me. Growing up on a farm your life is definitely dictated by the seasons. I had a dad who traipsed us through various wildlife teaching us everything he knew. I take every chance I can get with my own kids to get us out in nature, not just walking through it, but getting down and observing it. It is definitely one of "my favorite things."

I also love how nature provides such good illustrations for our own lives. If it was always "summer" we would grow complacent and forget to appreciate--we would take it for granted. God mercifully mixes things up a bit, sometimes throwing in a "winter." When you have made it through that winter, the blessings of spring are so much more thrilling. You notice those little things with much more vividness. Your heart is so much more thankful.

I realize I am gushing . . . ;o) But my love of nature and the changes the seasons bring runs very deep--and it points me to thank a Creator who thought of everything. ;o) Have a beautiful day!


Anna said...

Janna, I so LOVE what you wrote here! I am very much wired the same, feeling excited during the change of seasons and looking forward to the next one...and especially loved your analogy to our spiritual walk with the Lord and the different seasons He allows us to go through. Beautiful writing, thanks for sharing!!

Kathy said...

You express yourself so well and make me love the change of seasons even more! I always think of Bambi in the spring when all around things are getting 'twitterpated.' Do you know that line? :)