Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Amazing Marissa

These last few days God has used Marissa to humble me (in a good way). ;o) She has always been my girl with a heart sensitive to God's Word and truly has a wisdom beyond her years. She takes such joy in serving others and helping me out. Truly, her unselfishness baffles me at times. She always will give Isabella the best of something, the biggest piece of cake for instance, or let her have first choice. She even coddles Isabella, like when Bella is "too tired" to clean the room, well, that's okay because Marissa will do it for her. (!!!) That's just plain abnormal, right? ;o) Of course, she is not perfect, and we do have our "issues." Overall, I would have to say I have been thrilled with the sweet spirit I see growing in her.

Yesterday, Marissa came to tell me that Jackson had put our "Little People" toys away all by himself. I expressed the appropriate wonder--Jackson rarely decides to put toys away on his own. The cleaning he does is usually damage control, like "Uh-oh, I dumped out the hot cocoa mix on the floor and now I hear Mommy's footsteps . . ." kind of cleaning. ;o) I then went on about my day.
Later on, Marissa and Isabella come to tell me that Isabella finished cleaning up the girls' room all by herself. I praised Isabella heartily, because like I mentioned before, Isabella is often "too tired" or her "tummy hurts" or . . . ;o) A few minutes later Isabella comes back to tell me she really didn't do it, Marissa cleaned it all up. Oh, and Jackson didn't really clean up either, but it was also Marissa's handiwork.
Puzzled, I turned to Marissa and asked, "Why did you lie?
She burst into tears,"I'm sorry, I just wanted them to get a reward."
Well, what do you say to that? I was stunned. She did work and then intentionally gave the credit to others so that they could get praised and rewarded. I sat there, incredibly humbled, as I tried to recall if there was ever a moment in my life where I truly desired somebody else to get credit for something I had done. Had I EVER been so selfless?

And then tonight, our "Girls of Grace" program is looking to raise money to donate to a charity that supplies Russian Bibles to people in Siberia. For just $1 they can print up a whole New Testament. As we were driving home from church, I overhear Marissa telling Isabella about it.
"We have $61," she says (this is all they have saved together from allowance, gifts, etc.), "Can we give it all Mommy?"
And you want to know what? Initially the first thing that nearly came out of my lips was, "Well, maybe you should save a little bit of that . . ." But I stopped myself. She has the right attitude. Granted she's seven, and not worried about having to take care of a family and provide them with food and shelter . . . ;o) But oh to have that faith and not hold onto possessions so tightly. Now whether or not she convinces Isabella to "fork it all over" . . . We will see what develops there. ;o)

I just had to share these sweet stories--lest you think all I do is run from one mess to the next. ;o) She truly is a very special girl and I am very blessed to have her for a daughter.


Kathy said...

Precious girl!!!

Anna said...

Oh my goodness this is such an encouragement...for us who are supposed to be 'more mature' in our faith, she sure is an example of faithfulness even in her childhood. Thanks for sharing!! What a sweetheart

Kris said...

This was completely heartwarming, Janna. God is so kind in sprinkling the personalities among our little gifts to teach us and grow us as He gives us such a high calling as well in raising them.

Thank you for sharing, and I'm glad I finally found your blog! :)