Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Valentine Show and Tell

As each holiday approaches I am always inspired to make something. Unfortunately many of my ideas only get as far as the "inspiration" step. ;o) So, while I had a whole bunch of things I had hoped to get done--I am seriously lacking in Valentine decorations--all I have to show for it are two items. Although I still have one more day . . . Perhaps I will finish my front door heart yet. ;o) This is a cute little wool pillow (not my own design). I have another one all cut out and ready for stitching whenever I get around to it. A project for next year most likely.
A wood sign, made from some wood scraps, leftover paint, leftover stain, and a free font I downloaded. So it was FREE. ;o) I wish I was better at painting--it photographs pretty well, but up close, it's not quite as beautiful. ;o) My hand is not steady enough for all the lettering.

That's all I have. Let the brainstorming for spring ideas begin.


Kathy said...

SO CUTE!!! I especially love the pillow--wool things like that are a weakness for me. :)

Kris said...

LOVE those homemade've really inspired me, Janna!!